Completing Ethnic Suit Sets with Different Dupattas

Completing Ethnic Suit Sets with Different Dupattas

Dupattas are not an accessory to pair with your ethnic or casual outfit. Instead, it is a part of a complete ethnic suit set. It is the dupattas that add grace and elegance to the look of a suit set. For example, a sangria suit set becomes complete only when it comes with a dupatta included. Be it an ethnic suit set or a casual outfit. A dupatta holds power to uplift every single outfit. So, let us understand dupattas in a better way for women’s suit sets.

What completes an Ethnic Suit Set?

The culture of the dupatta has existed in Asia for a long time. Almost half a century ago, the dupatta or today, as we say, the long scarf, was daily wear for women. However, in modern society, women declared the dupatta-wearing tradition as a tool of oppression. Therefore, they decided to bridge the gap between the two generations by keeping the culture alive. Now, dupattas are still a part of suit sets but with more style. Since there is so much variety of suit sets in the market, they need different dupattas to complement them.

Different Dupattas to Styling With Suit.

Dupattas are also popular in the country, with the name chunari. In the case of men, the sole purpose of dupattas was to cover one’s body. For women also, it was to cover their heads and their body. But with evolving innovative fashion ideas, women discovered ways to pair ethnic suits with different dupattas. However, since there are so many suit sets, deciding which dupatta to wear can be confusing.

For instance, you are exploring your options to style your Anarkali suit with dupatta. But the question is, to style a dupatta, which one is the best? So, we found the top three dupattas for you to choose from.

Banarsi Style Dupatta

The name of the style Banarsi defines its roots of origination. This dupatta has such high-quality embroidery work all over that it gives a royal look. This dupatta is a symbol of the rich culture of Varanasi. Just like the city is a popular place for monks, the banarasi dupatta is a popular choice amongst women. Be it a wedding or festive occasion. The banarasi dupatta is a top choice to add richness to the outfit. It works with every ethnic suit set. Be it a saree, suit set, Anarkali lehenga suit or any wear.

Khada Style Dupatta

Hailing from the city of Hyderabad, the Khada style dupatta is again a wedding occasion dupatta. Brides wear these dupattas with their wedding suit set. It is a heavy dupatta to complete a bride’s outfit. The speciality of the dupatta is that it has actual work of gold and silver, giving it a royal appearance. Thus elevating the value of any ethnic wear suit set.

Pashmina Style Dupattas

The winter season is here, and so is the season of attending weddings. However, woven ethnic suit sets or other suit sets for winter require more than that. It is not possible to wear only a suit during winter. Wearing something like a Pashmina-style dupatta with your suit set can save you from the wind. It is a special natural fabric turned into a cloth of pashmina to keep you warm. From the northern part of India, Kashmir is one state famous for producing these Pashminas dupattas.

Styling Ideas for Dupattas with Ethnic Suit Sets

Now you have an idea of some dupattas you can wear with your ethnic suit sets. However, there is one more mystery to solve about dupatta styling ideas with your sangria suit set. So let us help you in deciding how to style a dupatta with


Styling your dupatta in free fall style is the simplest way of adorning it with your suit set. So if you are looking forward to adding simplicity and elegance to your sharara suit set, go with this idea of free fall draping.


This way of styling a dupatta requires minimum effort. It is an easy method of just putting on the dupatta to complete your salwar suit set. Half-pleated style of wearing a dupatta is common in northern India.

Off-shoulder Drape

The off-shoulder drape style means the dupatta will rest on your elbows instead of your shoulders. It is one of the common dupatta styling ideas for wedding dresses. This way of styling the dupatta allows you to flaunt your complete ethnic outfit.

Cape Style

Every woman’s dream is to wear a dress like this at her wedding. The best way to style an Anarkali suit with dupatta is to wear it like a cape. The dupatta ideals rest on the head and shoulders, but you can also make it rest on your shoulders.


And that’s how the mystery of dupatta styling gets solved. We hope after reading this blog you may understand the importance of dupatta in completing our favourite ethnic suit sets. Whether you are wearing a simple kurta set or a special occasion sharara suit set, they are truly incomplete without a dupatta.