3 Stylish Gifts to Consider Giving Your Man This Holiday Season


What do you give the man who already has you? All jokes aside, shopping for a present for the man in your life can be a stressful affair after you’ve run the gamut of the usual holiday gifts. You want to give him something that he can use, something he’ll treasure, something that will remind him of you, and something that holds meaning for the both of you. That’s a tall order that no small trinket can live up to.

Fortunately, there are a few options that you can look into if you’re looking to give him something a little more unique this year. Read on below for a few ideas that can help elevate his day-to-day style, and remember–it’s the thought that counts!

A piece of jewelry
As far as holiday gifts go, jewelry is usually one of the safer bets. If your man isn’t the type to wear jewelry, he’ll still appreciate something with a subtle and minimalist silhouette.

By Fabrizio Design happens to specialize in elegant jewelry for men and women. Their Filippo collection, geared towards the consummately modern man, features a wide variety of bracelets and crystal necklaces for men. Founder and chief designer Fabrizio Sassano combines stones and metals with twisted 14 karat gold vermeil, copper, or silver-filled wires to create both classic and trendy pieces; many of them make use of the Entorchado technique that Sassano learned as a teenager.

Entorchado is a centuries-old indigenous technique that has existed since the time of the Ancient Aztecs. Traditionally reserved for young women tasked with creating temple offerings, it involves twisting thin and delicate metal wires to thread precious materials such as crystals and stones together. The laborious process requires fine attention to detail and a high level of skill. In Sassano’s hands, the raw materials come to life, creating crystal necklaces for men that are as unique as they are strikingly beautiful.

The pieces in By Fabrizio Designs’ Filippo collection prominently feature crystals such as agate, onyx, black zirconia, and hematite. You’ll be sure to find something that fits his personal style.

A custom suit
Every man needs a good suit–so why not be the one to give it to him? He’ll look sharp and snazzy in a suit that fits him perfectly from head to toe, and the quality and craftsmanship will be so much better than anything he could purchase off the rack.

Consider visiting a good tailor near you together to have him fitted for one. If he’s never had a suit fitting before, he’ll be immensely glad for your presence and support. The most versatile suit style is the single-breasted suit, which he can wear as a set or separately depending on the situation. Guide him towards a slim and flattering fit that flatters the shape of his body but still allows for plenty of movement.

A classic timepiece
When it comes to holiday gifting, it’s always a good idea to think of something that your man may want but won’t willingly purchase on his own. For a lot of men, a quality timepiece falls under this category. Many of them are content wearing their Apple Watch to everything, from backyard barbecues to fancy dinners. Be the one to change that!

A good watch doesn’t need to be expensive, nor does it have to come from a designer brand. There are plenty of affordable options out there from independent boutiques that won’t cost an arm and a leg. If possible, you can have the back of the watch engraved with a short but loving message.

This holiday season is your chance to delight the love of your life with one of the crystal necklaces for men offered at By Fabrizio Design. Visit their homepage now to view the entire collection.

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