4 Art Museum Gifts for the Quintessential Artist


Everyone has the capacity to enjoy and appreciate art and history to a certain extent. Some people enjoy it more than others. If you’ve got friends or family that are either artists or art enthusiasts, you’ve probably wondered what would be an ideal gift to give them for their birthday or other special occasions.

Museums and galleries hold a power within them that is more than just the appreciation of human art and artisanship. They also hold within them the pillars of civilization, giving up valuable insights into the history and evolution of both the earth and humankind.

That said, both museums and galleries are a treasure-trove of gift ideas for your artist friends. In fact, here are some examples of art museum gifts that you can find in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston alone!

1. Art Books
Galleries and museums give us a glimpse of the world of art and history. However, many of the descriptions you find for each piece displayed are merely summaries that give visitors a brief overview of the item’s history and creation.

If you want to know more about the robust and comprehensive history behind the piece, it’s often the art books that hold the entire story. Exhibition catalogs like this one of Monet’s, for example, are often the perfect introduction to an artist and their work.

The other wonderful thing about art books is that you not only find out more about the artist’s life and history, but you also get to bring home and bask in the artist’s work in the comfort of your own home. It may not be as immersive and contemplative as an actual oil on canvas painting, but it’s still a good way to appreciate the artist’s work.

2. Art Prints
Art prints are another great gift for those aspiring, amateur, and professional artists friends and family. They are perfect for display or even for reference for artists looking to learn from those that have come before them. If you have a friend that admires a particular artist’s work, gifting them posters and prints can be the best way to show them your support.

3. Journals and Stationery
Every artist likes to either keep notebooks filled with various and copious notes and observations, or innumerable sketchbooks filled with concept art and practice sketches. This makes journals the perfect art museum gift. They not only have gorgeous and wonderful covers, but they can also be filled with all sorts of ideas and inspiration.

4. Art Calendars
Calendars may not exactly be your first choice for a gift for your artist friends. After all, why buy a wall calendar when most people these days make use of digital calendars instead?

The truth is wall calendars still have a place and a purpose despite the rise of digital calendars. Art calendars are not just calendars, but are also a valuable show of love, appreciation, and support for a particular artist.

In a practical sense, wall calendars are also a perfect habit-formation tool. If one of your artist friend’s New Year’s resolutions, for example, is to practice their art every single day, then a wall calendar would be the perfect tool to mark each day that they actually took the time to practice their craft.

Art Museum Gifts for Every Inner Artist
We’ve all got an inner artist within us, whether we believe it or not. We were all born with the gift of creativity. The only difference is how we use our creativity in our daily lives.

In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron talks about how the practice of writing morning pages has helped not just artists, but entrepreneurs and businessmen unlock their inner creativity. The more that they practiced and encouraged their inner creativity, the more often novel and innovative ideas came to them.

So as you’re browsing through art museum gifts online, consider the fact that these types of gifts are suitable for everyone.

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