4 Design Tricks to Make Your Small Apartment Look and Feel Bigger


Living in a small apartment comes with no small number of challenges, but it can also be remarkably beneficial. It’s undeniably more affordable and allows you to live with less, which can simplify your life considerably. Still, just because your home is small doesn’t mean that it has to look or feel that way. There are plenty of ways to make even a diminutive space appear larger than it is. Read on below for a few tricks that designers often employ when they decorate small apartments:

Look into murals for walls
Expanding a room–visually–entails drawing the eye outward and creating a focal space. This can be easily achieved with murals for walls. Feature walls such as mural walls can make small walls feel like they’re opening up to a whole new world, thus helping the room feel larger.

If you’re skilled with a paintbrush, painting your own mural wall should be easy. Using mural wallpaper from Pixlscapes is even easier. They have a vast library of images to choose from, or you can upload your own image and have them print it out for you. Pixlscapes also uses a renter-friendly, specially-cured adhesive in all of their products that won’t damage the walls and allows you to install and remove them with ease.

Employ lighter colors
The colors that you choose to paint and decorate your small apartment with also have an effect on how it looks and feels. Darker colors make a room feel cozier and more intimate, while lighter ones will reflect light and make it feel larger. For a more spacious vibe, you’ll want to stick to a lighter color palette for your walls, as well as your bigger pieces of furniture.

When considering colors, specifically, look into shades that will enhance your existing furnishings. White, cream, and pale gray are always safe choices, but you can also look into soft pastels such as peach, pink, mint, or powder blue.

Utilize mirrors
Interior designers have made use of mirrors to create the illusion of space for years. They, too, reflect light and trick the eye into perceiving more space.

However, you can’t just hang a mirror anywhere. To give your small apartment the depth that it sorely needs, you’ll want to give its placement some thought. It should face the windows to maximize that reflection of light. Alternatively, it should reflect the most spacious area of your apartment, to trick the eye into seeing double the space.

Move your furniture away from the walls
Conventional wisdom dictates that pushing your furniture up against the walls makes it look more spacious, but the reality is quite the opposite. All this does is create an area of unusable dead space in the middle while making the room feel more cramped and confined.

Fortunately, the solution to this issue is easy. Just experiment with moving your furniture away from the walls, even if it’s just a few inches. This works with big pieces of furniture such as sofas and couches, but also for armchairs and dining sets.

In addition to mural wallpapers, Pixlscapes offers a wide variety of other patterns that can help your small apartment feel bigger. Visit their homepage now to view the entire collection.

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