A 2022 Review: Carelogic EHR Vs Sammy EHR

Carelogic EHR

Selecting an electronic medical records (EMR) system is a difficult decision. There are so many alternatives available that determining which one is best for your practice may be challenging. The features and demo information of CareLogic EHR Vs Sammy EHR will be compared in this blog. We will assist you in determining which one is best for you. It will also provide pricing information for each software. 

Carelogic EHR 

CareLogic is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that is HIPPA compliant. It is intended for mental health, behavioral health, and human service institutions. CareLogic is an integrated EHR software package that provides healthcare practitioners with clinical, financial, and administrative capabilities. Intake, scheduling, service documentation, treatment planning, e-prescription, invoicing, reporting, and customer involvement are also included. 

CareLogic EHR may improve client outcomes by utilizing different clinical connectors to enhance service reach and depth. It also improves staff efficiency since it integrates with processes. 

Carelogic EHR Features  

Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan 

Implementing a simplified, high-flexibility treatment plan process aids in increasing staff efficiency. 

Performance Dashboards  

By sharing real-time data across teams, you can uncover areas for improvement and boost productivity. 

Online Community  

It offers members a web-based social network to trade information. It helps with posting and responding to questions, sending private messages on the site, writing blogs, chatting, and engaging in various other activities. 

Sharing Capabilities  

Allows other hospitals to access the client’s medical history by sharing information with them via admission, discharge, and transfer communications and continuity of care paperwork. 

Clinical Quality Measures Reporting  

Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) dashboards and reports are available in CareLogic EHR to help improve patient care and results. 


Online prescription management can ease some of the worries regarding patient safety and reduce the risk of mistakes. 

Carelogic EMR Pricing 

The pricing for CareLogic Qualifacts is not available on the vendor’s website. You must contact the vendor to obtain a price plan that is appropriate for your practice’s needs. 

To evaluate the application, you can request a CareLogic demo. You may learn about how implementing CareLogic can benefit your practice. 

Carelogic Reviews 

The majority of Qualifacts CareLogic reviews are good. According to CareLogic users, some of its benefits include:  

  • CareLogic is simple to use and navigate software. 
  • The software is quite customizable. 
  • It offers several customizing options. 

According to its customers, the following are some of CareLogic’s drawbacks: 

  • CareLogic has a limited reporting capability. 
  • It takes a long time to apply new updates. 
  • The app regularly freezes up. 

Sammy EHR 

Sammy EHR is a medical billing and practice management software. It is a well-equipped, all-encompassing tool that increases patient participation. It caters to small and medium-sized businesses. Sammy EHR has several valuable tools and services that make it easier to practice medicine. It allows for storing health information, data, or images, for example. This data may be imported or exported to charts. 

Sammy EHR is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software package that is HIPPA and Meaningful Use compliant. It is a piece of software that helps medical institutions handle billing and patient records. Its primary functions include a patient portal, practice administration, claim submissions, and automated billing. 

Sammy EHR Features 

Physician Dashboards  

A good dashboard may have a significant influence on EHR management practice. It contains all the information that clinicians require during the day. You may modify it to match unique requirements and focus on tasks. You can also modify the software’s functionality to fit your needs better. 


Because prescriptions are encrypted before leaving your system, e-prescriptions are a secure and safe way to distribute them. Once an e-prescription is received, the pharmacist can check it on their mobile devices or desktop computers before filling it out at the drugstore.  

Compliance Tracking  

With its Compliance tracking tool, practitioners may check patient adherence to treatment plans and monitor health parameters. This may be accomplished by keeping track of the medications they are taking, as well as how long and how frequently they are taking them. All of this information is shown on a graph, which displays the number of days compliance was reached or missed. 

Patient Portals  

As it is a versatile tool, a patient portal may benefit clinics. Patients can exchange information by creating accounts on the site. When they are needed to bring papers, the app notifies them. Patients might also be given information about their therapy or educational materials by their doctors. Patients can use the patient site to schedule appointments and manage their finances. This makes things easy for your office’s front-desk workers. 

Sammy EHR Pricing 

Pricing rates for Sammy begin at $359 per month per user. Sammy EHR is rated as medium in terms of cost-effectiveness. More price information can be obtained by contacting the seller. 

You may request a Sammy EHR demo to see if the software is appropriate for your practice needs. 

Sammy EHR Reviews 

Most sites have largely good Sammy reviews. According to its users, some of Sammy EHR’s benefits include: 

  • The Sammy software package is relatively simple to use. 
  • It saves a significant amount of time while processing claims payouts.  
  • The Sammy EHR support crew is quite attentive. 

According to its users, the following are some of Sammy EHR’s drawbacks: 

  • Built-in templates are restricted, and template preparation takes a long time. 
  • Because the system is incompatible with a wide range of software, Sammy provides few integration choices. 

Carelogic EHR Vs. Sammy EHR — Final Thoughts  

Both Qualifacts Carelogic EHR and Sammy EHR are top EHR and practice management systems. 

The CareLogic Software package from Qualifacts is ideal for appointment administration, charting, and e-prescription. Sammy EHR, on the other hand, offers the greatest appointment management, patient portal, voice recognition charting, and e-prescription. 

This post covered the features, pricing, demos, and reviews of Qualifacts CareLogic and Sammy EHR software. After reading this article, you can select depending on your professional needs. On the other hand, pricing, demonstrations, and user reviews might be determining considerations in choosing a selection.