A Primer (No Pun Intended) on Blazer Ammunition


In case you haven’t noticed, ammo prices have skyrocketed over the last few years and that’s if you can find it at all. We’re at the point where it’s difficult to find even the most common rounds, such as .22lr, 9mm, and 12ga shells.  

So, it’s not too far-fetched that you might be out here looking for an alternative to your standard go-to ammo. Maybe you’ve come across Blazer ammunition and ware wondering what all the hype is about and why it’s so cheap.  

If you’re considering stepping away from your standard American Eagle or Speer loads and trying something more affordable, Blazer is an excellent solution to more affordable range therapy sessions. 

Here are a few things you might want to know… 
Who Makes Blazer Ammunition?  One of the good things about Blazer is that it is made by CCI, which for nearly 60 years has been a leader in the production of rimfire ammunition. The Blazer line has proven to be a successful centerfire venture, available in both affordable aluminum and reloadable brass casings.

QualityBlazer ammunition, despite the cost, exhibits high quality. They use brass and aluminum cartridges, and non-corrosive primers. They’re also loaded with clean-burning propellant and some cartridges are loaded with Speer bullets. Blazer Brass is also American made, produced in Lewiston, Idaho, where CCI is headquartered.

What Cartridges Are Supported?

Blazer ammunition is loaded in a wide range of handgun calibers including:
● 9mm Luger
● 10mm
● .38 Special
● .380 Auto
● .40 S&W
● .45 Auto

Blazer ammunition also loads with full metal jacket, jacketed hollow point, and jacketed round and flat-nose bullets, offering shooters a fair variety. 

In 1981, CCI developed the Blazer ammunition brand and introduced the Blazer Aluminum line, with lowering cost as the main objective. However, even the Blazer Brass line is made with an emphasis on affordability.

For reference, compare the unit costs per round of 9mm ammo available online at Bucking Horse Outpost. 

A 50-round box of Blazer Brass 9mm 124 grain Full Metal Jacket ammo costs $12.99 whereas a fairly comparable 50-round box of Federal American Eagle 9mm 147 grain Full Metal Jacket ammo costs $17.50. 

While they offer different load data and performance, they are fairly similar, and the Blazer 9mm carries a CPR of 26 cents whereas the Federal 9mm is 35 cents per round. If you are buying these for target practice and not solely for ballistic performance, the cost advantage is clear.

Can You Reload Blazer Ammunition? 
Blazer Brass can be reloaded. In fact, Blazer Brass can be reloaded multiple times thanks to its high-quality brass casings and non-corrosive primers. However, Blazer’s original aluminum line, though it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, cannot be reloaded.

Where Can You Buy Blazer Ammunition?
Bucking Horse Outpost is one of the premier sites to get ammo online. They offer a wide selection and very competitive pricing on Blazer ammunition as well as Federal, TulAmmo, Winchester, Remington, Speer, and many others. 

They also offer free shipping on orders over $125. Please visit their website, BuckingHorseOutpost.com, or contact them for more information on availability and pricing. You can also join their mailing list so you don’t miss out on special weekly offers. 

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