A Quick Guide to Purchasing Compressed Air and Gas Filters


Compressed air is utilized in production alongside electricity, water, and gas. Compressing air and gas makes all pollutants more concentrated, so filtration is the most important thing to do.

The air we breathe is inherently polluted. Besides the oxygen we need to breathe, the air can also carry a wide range of harmful substances, depending on the conditions. Some of these pollutants must be removed before compressed air may be used.

Which Pollutants Are Present in Compressed Air?
It’s important to note that dry dust, vapor, and aerosols can be found in compressed air and gas.

Particles that are too small to be considered dust are known as dry particulates. Water, for example, starts out as a gas before it cools to room temperature and turns into a liquid. Aerosols, on the other hand, are tiny solid particles that are suspended in a gas or air.

When filtering, different types of contaminants call for different approaches because of their individual qualities and characteristics.

Filters for Compressed Gases and Air

Particulate Filters
A particulate air line filter can be used to clean compressed air by getting rid of dangerous particles like dust and dirt. A membrane similar to that used in membrane air dryers filters out everything but air, so particles like dust, pollen, and grime can’t get through.

Most of the time, a particle air filter is used after an adsorption dryer, like a desiccant dryer. To extend the lifespan of your air compressor, they also filter interior debris like rust.

Coalescing Filters
In order to prevent oil and moisture from passing through, coalescing filters are used. The compressed air comes into the filter through the intake port, travels down through the filter, and leaves through the discharge port.

Coalescing air filters can also remove dust and other small particles from the air. So that they don’t get mixed in with the aerosol particles, they are collected along with them, drained, and sent through an oil-water separator.

Maintaining Air Quality with Filtration Maintenance
For reducing contaminants, compressed air filters use filter elements with highly specialized filtration media, and these filter elements work under very tough conditions. If the filtration media have worn out over time, the quality of the compressed air cannot be guaranteed or kept up.

The filter element is what makes a filter work. A breach as small as a needlepoint might have serious repercussions. When a filter’s media is damaged, compressed air will force its way through, ripping and rupturing it all the way along the length of the element because air always takes the path with the least resistance. As a result, all of the pollution will be carried along with it.

Since an air compressor filter’s main job is to get rid of pollutants so that the air quality meets a certain standard, the main reason to replace filter elements should always be to keep the air quality the same. Keep in mind that the filter was installed to clean up the compressed air, so any money lost due to poor air quality is far outweighed by the expense of running the filter or buying new filter elements.

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