Basic (but Practical) Glock Airsoft Gun Attachments


Glock airsoft guns are enormously popular and it’s easy to see why. Many of them are officially licensed Glock replicas, which means they’re close to the same weight and size and replicate the handling and aesthetics of their more-popular inspirations (the real thing).

They’re also decently affordable and offer pretty solid performance and ergonomics. Even though most of them come with somewhat limited magazines, they’re still highly practical as airsoft side arms.

They’d be even more practical with basic but useful airsoft attachments like these.

Night Sights
One of the least invasive and most practical upgrades you can make to a Glock airsoft gun is to remove the stock sights and attach night sights.

There are some distinct advantages that night sights have not only over stock iron sights but also over other attachments mentioned below like red dot sights and weapon-mounted lights.

One is the fact that they are low-profile. The footprint of most night sights will be effectively identical to the stock sights – so they won’t adversely affect handling or holstering.

The other is that night sights will vastly improve your ability to connect with a target in the dark – without betraying your position.

Lights and lasers can do the same – but they send out a bright beacon letting your opponents know where you are, too.

Red Dot Sight
An alternative to night sights is a red dot sight. To mount one, you’ll need to take off your rear iron sight and mount an adapter before you can install one, though.

Be that as it may, these are wildly practical Glock airsoft gun upgrades and have some substantial advantages over iron sights.

Red dot sights don’t require you to line up sights before firing and are free of parallax distortion. Since there is only one point involved in the sight picture (as opposed to three with iron sights) red dot sights are easier to use reflexively. You can “point and shoot.”

Also, unlike stock iron sights, red dot sights are good in the dark – as well as in other conditions. Together, these advantages of red dot sights enable players to shoot more instinctively, more rapidly, and generally, to increase the overall accuracy of their shots.

Weapon-Mounted Light or Laser
Another Glock airsoft gun accessory – and one you can mount in addition to night sights or a red dot sight – is a WML or weapon-mounted light.

Weapon-mounted lights have a number of different advantages. For one, they can vastly improve your visibility in the darkness. In a dark CQB encounter, it’s the player that can see who’s going to come out on top.

They can also be used to dazzle and disorient opposing combatants in a match, and, since they can be detached from the airsoft gun, can also be used for general utility.

Since both WML and lasers generally mount to the section of rail under the barrel or to the trigger guard, you’ll need to choose one or the other – but lasers have some advantages too.

An airsoft pistol-mounted laser can provide sight-free shooting from the hip, without the need to properly aim your airsoft gun. They can improve your accuracy and confidence even in stressful situations, just like a red dot sight.

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