There are two types of fashionistas: ones who follow a trend and others who set a trend. You can fall on either side depending on how daring you are in making bold choices. If you are your own fashion accessories designer, we have good news for you.

Now you can customize every attribute in your jewelry piece. So, curate your own jewel for it would have an essence of your creativity and art from the limitless possibilities. This article has mentioned some of the most unique ways of designing jewelry.

As everyone is unique in their own way, you can pick the one you think will work for you. As everyone is unique in his or her own way, you can pick any of the ways to design your jewelry that you think will work.

  1. Draw A Sketch And Get Started

The simplest way to get started is to put it on paper. There can be infinite thoughts in your mind, but they get channelized whenever you put them on paper.

Keep a pen and paper handy and do not skip any piece of an idea to put on paper. Whenever you get time to assemble all your thoughts, bring them all together in the form of a final sketch of the jewel of your dreams.    

  1. Scroll Through Famous Designs And Add A Pinch Of Your Creativity

Every creative mind is not a hard worker. So if you do not want to create a complete design by yourself, you can scroll through some famous jewelry designs.

You can tweak them to get yours. In this method of creating a stunning pair of aquamarine earrings or any other mesmerizing jewelry, you will need a jewelry design as a base for your creation.

You can get the latest, trending, and astonishing jewelry ideas from a fashion magazine or news coverage of a recent fashion event. 

  1. Spend Quality Time And Try All The Combinations

A universally known fact is that good thing take time. If you want to create a unique jewel solely made up of your creativity, you should sit and explore all the combinations of gemstones and metals.

Other than this, there can be several ways to set gemstones into a jewel and there can also be many cuts for gemstones. To get the best jewelry piece out of all these combinations, you need to exercise your creativity at its best and you should have ample time to do so. 

  1. Dive Into The History To Get Vintage Jewelry Ideas 

To design a jewel that makes you look like a queen, you should study historical royal jewels carefully. You can find jewels of aristocrats in museums or in history books with pictures. It is not easy to design a vintage jewel because it often has a gemstone of considerable size that is not perfectly cut or embellished.

The best thing about jewelry designs having historical significance is that you can easily find their picture and can personalize them by just adding some of your creative ideas.

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  1. Get Inspirations From Movies Or OTT Content

If watching movies or web content is your other hobby, a lot of content can inspire you. A recent period drama on Netflix, ‘The Crown’ is a web series in which you can find many jewelry ideas to curate your masterpiece.

Movies can also be your source of inspiration; for example, from the film Titanic, you can take a cue for your sapphire necklace. The ‘ Heart of the Ocean necklace was a trendsetter for its time. You can add a slice of your creativity to such jewels and get your designer jewel. 

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when designing jewelry for yourself using any of the methods mentioned above. These things are: 

  • Consider Your Collection Of Dresses

It’s a good idea to keep your wardrobe in mind before designing your jewelry. Have a closer look at the outfits you pair with the jewelry. Your jewelry should neither over-contrast your apparel nor camouflage with your attire.

Although you can never create a single jewel that goes perfectly well with all the attires in your wardrobe, if you are putting so much effort into creating your jewel, it should at least match most of your dresses.

  • Consider The Occasion

The occasion is the crucial factor that helps you take a call on the jewelry design. For some occasions, you need to tone down the boldness in your jewelry, and for others, simple jewelry does not work well.

Here is a pro tip to design a jewel suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. You can choose a bigger gemstone or be more creative with the rest of the ornament. The resulting jewel will be suitable for both everyday accessorizing and special occasions.

Now you know how you can be your favorite designer. Amaze everyone with the jewelry that you have designed by putting in your creativity and revealing the name of its designer after they become inquisitive.