eCommerce SEO Services and Your Online Store: What You Should Know


Search engine optimization or SEO is the prime prong of organic digital marketing. It involves adjusting a wide range of factors that improve the rankings in search engines, known as “ranking signals.”

SEO is an ongoing process, but the chief result over time is that organic search engine rankings will improve.

But that is far from the only advantage of investing in eCommerce SEO services. These are some of the best of them.

It Can Increase Organic Traffic and Impressions
First and foremost, SEO improves your website’s organic impressions. This means that more users will see your eCommerce website in the search engine results.

With an increase in impressions, comes an increase in organic traffic, which, when your targeting is done properly, will improve your website’s other metrics.

As a result, organic conversions, sales, and revenue typically also increase.

SEO Can Capture Leads
Not all users of an eCommerce website will convert, and that’s alright. Really, it’s more accurate to suggest that they won’t convert the first time around.

Getting new users to your website is half the battle – or more. Once they’ve gotten a foot in the door you can use proven lead-capturing strategies to remarket to them down the line.

SEO Supports Your Other Organic Marketing Initiatives
SEO is only one portion of the organic digital marketing puzzle. You can use SEO to support other digital marketing efforts such as social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and more.

Together, these channels will bring in new revenue streams, all while improving brand exposure and cementing your website’s position as one of authority.

It Can Improve Your Targeting
The great thing about SEO is that what you learn from it can help you refine your targeting in your other approaches to marketing.

For instance, watching changes in targeted keyword search volumes and intent over time can help you key in on just what sorts of customers actually want and use your products.

These insights can be used to help refine your content marketing messaging, social media copy, and much more.

It Can Drive Down Your Other Digital Marketing Costs
You need to pay for every click that gets to your website when you follow a PPC strategy. This is not how it is with SEO.

SEO can be expensive, but there is no real “per-unit” cost for each lead. Moreover, the more effectively your website ranks organically, the less you will need to devote to PPC to buoy up your business. Overall, SEO has the potential to offer very high potential return on investment.

SEO Improves Authority and Credibility
The vast majority of potential customers scroll right past the ads because they inherently don’t trust them.

By contrast, most online users see the organic listings as much more credible, and innately feel that those positions were earned through authority.

Simply showing up in the organic listings can go a long way toward cultivating a superior user experience and giving your website a more polished, professional feel.

SEO Improves Brand Exposure
The better your website ranks in the organic search engine results pages, the better it is for your brand, whether users click or not.

Like it or not (you might as well!) your website will be in front of more eyes the better it ranks. And that’s good on multiple levels – plus basically like having a free billboard out there on Google.

Work with an eCommerce SEO Services Provider Substantiated by Results
There are things you can do to improve your current SEO strategy, and one of the best of them is to work with an experienced eCommerce SEO services provider.

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