The Health Advantage of Traveling


Numerous studies have shown that travel reduces the risk of death and heart attacks in certain groups. Traveling can keep your brain active and sharp due to the variety of situations you encounter.

Below are a few health advantage that travel offers. If your physical and mental well-being is your top priority, you may reconsider your view on traveling.

Traveling reduces the risk of heart disease

The Framingham Heart Study is one of the most extensive studies of cardiovascular disease. It shows that men and women who travel less are more likely than those who do to suffer from heart attacks or other diseases.

Another study sponsored by the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute showed that men who take vacations are 32 percent less likely to develop heart disease.

This should be enough to get you planning your next trip!

Traveling helps you age in a healthy manner

Who wants to grow old? That’s right, nobody! The process of aging is not popular because of the drastic decline in your mental and physical state. What if we told you that this process will not affect you if you travel often? In a study conducted by the Brain Health Center, Inc., it was revealed that travel promotes brain health and resilience for your entire life.

Traveling reduces stress and depression

Travel has been proven to be highly effective at treating stress and depression. The Mind & Body Center at the University of Pittsburgh determined that vacations cause positive emotional levels. Other studies have shown that stress levels in corporate offices are drastically reduced.

Get in shape with travel

Travellers are more active than those who sit in an office chair for the entire day. You may not even realise that you have walked ten miles in a single day of sightseeing in Europe, or at Disney World. Trekking or hiking is just a part of any trip to a hill station. It’s no wonder that the travel industry is keen to encourage travellers to adopt a healthy lifestyle by promoting fitness.

Travel lifts the mood

If you have been feeling down for a long time, you only need to pack your bags and go. Traveling will instantly lift your spirits.

A survey conducted in 2023 by Diamond Resorts International revealed that more than three quarters of respondents felt happier when they planned at least one trip a year. There are also studies that suggest that reminiscing on pleasant vacation memories can make you happy long after the trip.

Travel helps you in getting better sleep

In this fast-paced world, irritability is almost inevitable. Travel can help you to combat these negative effects on your cognitive performance. Max Hirshkowitz is the chairman of the National Sleep Foundation. Vacation is the perfect time to get some good sleep.

Travel makes you more active and increases blood flow

You’re always doing something, whether you’re at the beach, in the ocean, walking the streets of an historic city, or taking the subway. It’s healthy to not sit in front of the TV or stare at your computer, but you won’t be doing that. You’ll want to explore your destination and be active as you walk in the sun.