Hind Louali Discusses Why French Is Among The Best Languages To Learn


Proficiency in French can open up many doors in life, no matter whether it’s academically or professionally. As per Hind Louali, French is the sixth most widely-spoken language in the world, learning it can make traveling across the world much easier. Moreover, as a growing number of businesses are using this language when doing business, learning French can majorly improve the job prospects of a person. As this language becomes even more widely spoken globally, its value will also grow.

Hind Louali briefly underlines why French is a great language to learn

French is a widely popular language that reflects both the rich cultural and historical heritage of France. It also is a global business language, a language of international diplomacy and a popular internet language. There are many reasons why French is among the best languages to learn. Here are some of them:

  • Is widely spoken: French is spoken in five out of the seven continents in the globe. In fact, French can also help understand English better. Moreover, learning French shouldn’t be too complex for people who know how to speak English. French essentially is among the most favored languages in the world. It is the official language of Quebec, parts of Africa, Switzerland, Seychelles and more. More than 200 million people around the world understand French, and are among the only languages apart from English that are widely taught in non-native French-speaking countries.
  • A language of the international job market: The ability to speak French can be a great advantage for people seeking jobs in the international job market. Regardless of the industry one is based in, learning the French language can provide them with an edge when it comes to communicating with the clients, vendors and employees. There are several international businesses that use French as a working language. Learning French not only opens doors for joining the companies in France, but also French companies in other parts of the world.
  • Better opportunities to study abroad: The ability to speak French can open up plenty of study opportunities in France and many other parts of Europe. Higher education in France is considered to be of great value, and degrees from the top universities here are recognized by employers in many parts of the world. If students speak French, they can even get favorable financial terms when getting enrolled at some of France’s best-known universities. Students with a good level of French knowledge may be eligible to apply for a French government grant.
  • Introduction to an incomparable cultural universe: Many consider French to be the language of culture. Learning French offers access to the works of famous poets like Charles Baudelaire or Jacques Prévert, as well as great French writers such as Victor Hugo or Marcel Proust, in the original text.

As per Hind Louali, French is both a working language and an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, UNESCO, NATO, the International Red Cross and international courts. Hence, proficiency in French would be important for anyone considering a career in such international organizations.