How Can Safety Inspection Software for Manufacturing Industry Boost Safety in Manufacturing Units?

work at height safety monitoring

Safetyin manufacturing industry is generally ignored as it is seen as something that drains on a company’s time and resources. But safety management in manufacturing industry is essential to ensure that the men, material and machine in manufacturing units remain unharmed. There are a number of safety hazards prevailing in the manufacturing industry. Some major ones include: chemical exertion, falling objects, exposure to extreme temperatures, worker overexertion, machine-related injuries, and many others.

According to reports published by the Organisational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),a single manufacturing safety incident can incur $13,494 along with other indirect cost. Thus, in this regard the safety inspection software for manufacturing industry that generally makes use of video analytics for workplace safety has emerged as a potential solution for ensuring effective manufacturing safety that can avoid the expenses incurred on manufacturing safety incident.

The workplace safety software, like the one of viActleverages the power of AI video analytics to boost safety in manufacturing units in the following ways:

  1. Workers’ PPE Detection: The safety inspection software for manufacturing industry using computer vision-powered cameras can detect instance of workers’ not wearing (proper) PPEs like safety glasses, gloves, face masks, high-vis jacket, joint protectors, hard hats, goggles, ear protectors and so much more. Thus, it provides for a smart PPE detection solution for the manufacturing industry.
  • Forklift Safety: Using AI for workplace safety, the safety inspection software can detect any instance of worker-machine and machine-machine collision during forklift operations in the manufacturing plants. Further, the system of instant and real-time alerts provided by the smart site safety system, generates alerts as soon as any collision incident is detected that furtherpromote forklift safety in manufacturing plants.
  • Danger Zone Alert System: The behavioural based workplace safety monitoring systemcan detectworkers’ danger zone intrusion like areas where high temperature machineries are functioning or where hazardous materials are stored. As soon as any such dangerous activity or unsafe act is detected, unsafe act detection alertis sent out. This notifies the stakeholders of the dangerous situation so that immediate action can be taken. Also, such instances of safety non-compliances are recorded in the centralized management platform for workplaces. These insights can be viewed by the stakeholders anytime later and can also use them for workers’ training & effective dispute resolution.
  • Confined Space Safety: The confined space safety system automates the process of confined space work monitoring and brings greater transparency to confined space works. It can monitor in real-time different confined spaces in manufacturing plants like vat or tank in order to prevent confined space accidents like workers’ trapping in confined spaces and suffocation.

However, the application of safety inspection software for manufacturing industry does not end here. The safety inspection software is also capable of detecting and alerting instances of smoke & fire, worker-machine proximity to prevent collision accidents, detect falling objects and lot more. Thus, by automating the process of safety monitoring, the safety inspection software for manufacturing industry can boost safety in manufacturing.

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