How Do French Tufted Headboard Beds Become the Centerpiece of Every French Bedroom?


Have you ever set out to design your bedroom only to realize that something just didn’t seem quite right? It’s possible that your bedroom still won’t feel “done” even if you equip it with the ideal number of drawers and other pieces of furniture.

If the title is any indication, a bed with a French tufted headboard could be the missing piece in your bedroom’s puzzle. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what makes a bed a “French bed.”

What does a French bed mean?
There may not be a single, perfect way to describe a French bed, but there are many things that all French beds have in common. You can find frames with intricate hand carvings, headboards with perfect designs, beautiful four-poster beds, and soft mattresses fit for a king or queen.

Size is also a factor in creating a feeling of opulence. The most impressive French beds often come in the king or queen size range and feature a grandiose headboard.

The headboard of your bed is an often-overlooked design element, and some people even do without one altogether. However, if you want to create a master suite worthy of your dreams, you can’t choose the simple route.

A bed with a French tufted headboard will not only add a touch of elegance to your bedroom but will also help you sleep better. Let’s look at some of the factors that make a French bed with a tufted headboard the centerpiece of every bedroom decorated in the French style.

Elegance and Presentation
A headboard that makes a bold design statement can completely transform the look of a bedroom. You don’t need to settle for a boring headboard anymore.

The addition of buttons gives your headboard a more interesting look and feel than a standard one. Whether the tufted headboard is the focal point or a group of tufted furniture, how you combine this feature with the rest of your bedroom may make a huge difference in the overall design.

You Can Either Glam It Up Or Down
Don’t want to push yourself too far beyond coloring outside the lines? When looking for a bed with a French tufted headboard, take all the time you can get.

The tufting will give your bedroom a stately, traditional look, but it’s easy to style to match your other furniture. Velvet upholstery will give off a far more opulent vibe; just add some restraint by sleeping on neutral-colored linen bedding.

It Makes You More “Extra”
A dramatic focal point in a bedroom can be a bed with a sculpted French tufted headboard. Visualize the elaborate wooden features that serve to highlight the French bed. However, this design can be used in a wide variety of settings.

Choose a bed with a sculpted headboard, such as the Sophia from Eloquence®, for a touch of Louis XV elegance.

Final Thoughts
Tufting with buttons is a common feature of classic furniture. But tufted headboards on French beds are now a standard part of a modern French bedroom.

Browse the online catalog of Eloquence® to find a wide range of high-end tufted furniture, such as tufted king-size beds and chaise lounges fit for French royalty.

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