How to Build an Office from Scratch


If you want to create a productive workspace, you will need to focus on setting clear goals, investing time and dedication in working with focus and without distractions, and of course, you will be required to set up a distraction-free workspace.

Now, if you are ready to take the plunge and build an office from scratch, you will want to hire one of the best industrial construction companies along with the best architects to get to work.

There is so much going on when it comes to building an office from scratch – if you aren’t renting or taking over an existing workspace. You will also need the services of the best structural engineer out there to see your vision manifest into a reality.

Let us talk about how to set up a productive workspace.

Paint the Space

Depending on the business nature, you will have to select a theme for the workspace. For instance, if you like minimal spaces. You will want to paint two out of the four walls dark gray. You can also color-match the walls with other areas of the office building.

Work Desk

After you have painted the office space, you can start to get furniture and accessories to match your essential workspace needs. Of course, no workspace setup can go anywhere without the perfect desk. If you are looking for something that will help you with your posture and prevent developing back pain, you should opt for a standing desk.

Make sure that the desk and chair are ergonomic and classy to complement the interior of your workspace. You can also get a smart desk that comes with programmable settings so you can lock it in the optimal height for both – sitting and standing.


Once you have found the perfect desk, you can focus on the perfect accessories to maintain a consistent aesthetic. You might want to match the accessories with the desk and the paint on the walls. When it comes to accessories, you might want to opt for the best keyboard, mouse, and other accessories to bring your computer/ laptop.

A pro tip to boost productivity at work is to integrate focus sprints into your work schedule. Usually, the pattern of a focused sprint is as follows:

  • Set your sprint goals
  • Turn off all potential distractions
  • Work uninterruptedly for 90 minutes
  • Take some rest for 20 minutes
  • Repeat the cycle

Integrate a Cozy Corner

While you can make the most of your workday by setting up sprint goals and running a time for 90 minutes for each sprint cycle – you will also need a much-needed break, as taking some time off is just as valuable.

You might want to design a cozy corner to help you relax and add a little warmth to your office space. Keep in mind that the office corner should be specifically designed for taking some time off. You might want to opt for a big comfy chair surrounded by green indoor plants.

For an additional touch of warmth, you might want to add a round fluffy rug on the floor near the chair.