How to download twitter videos


Twitter is a social network where we may find more than just witty tweets, GIFs, and memes to pass the time. We can also find videos that we can download and store to our phone or computer to watch anytime we want. Of course, we’ll have to use another way to get it lower for our squad. However, keep in mind that the Twitter videos you download may be copyrighted, so use caution.


Step 1: The first step is to find the tweet that hosted the video you want to download. Once you’ve found it, copy the URL for it. The URL to copy is highlighted in red in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Now tap on the share symbol in the lower left corner and select “Copy Link”.

Step 3: Go to Twitter Video Downloader and paste the copied link there.

Step 4: After that, hit the “Download” button to download it to your phone. You may then watch or share the video in your gallery or download folder. This is the end of the video download procedure on a PC or laptop.

If you wish to save the video to your mobile device, follow these steps:

Log on to the official Twitter website and look for the tweet containing the video you wish to download.

Select “Copy link to tweet” by clicking on the sharing button (three circles joined by dashes) below the tweet. Download a Twitter video saving app, such as “Download Twitter Videos – GIF & Tweet Downloader,” from Google Play. Open the app, paste the Tweet link, or URL, into the relevant field, choose the resolution and other video characteristics, and then confirm your decision to begin downloading.

The entire process is quick and easy, and there is no need to log in to third-party portals. So, if you were wondering how to download a video from Twitter, we hope we were able to adequately describe the process. iPhone Twitter video download

The procedure described above is straightforward. However, you may be looking for another alternative owing to advertisements (and sometimes server difficulties).

\ Here’s a great option that’s quick, ad-free, and doesn’t require you to copy the link. It does, however, add a third-party shortcut to your iPhone. You must first enable untrusted shortcuts before proceeding. To do so, go to the app settings and enable Shortcuts. Allow untrustworthy shortcuts and input your device’s password. When that is completed,

proceed to the instructions below to download Twitter videos to iPhone via a shortcut.

1.Open Safari and select Get shortcut. Scroll down and click Add untrustworthy shortcut.
2.Start the Twitter app and tap the pilicon while watching a video tweet. Get Please share by…
3.Obtain TVDL v3.1.

4.In the message, press OK. Choose the desired video quality and click OK. Allow the shortcut to visit the Photos app so that the video can be saved locally. And now you’re done!