How to Memorize a Lot of Information before an Exam tbh

How to Memorize a Lot of Information before an Exam tdh

Exams are a very stressful period for students, they are worried about their preparations, grades, and results. During exam time many students feel frustrated and loaded with lots of syllabus and courses to learn and memorize it. All the students have different capabilities to memorize a lesson, some can memorize the whole chapter and some can even memorize a single paragraph (Khamees, K.S., 2016).  Many schools and colleges require students to memorize a huge amount of information if students have only one subject to memorize would be easier but during exams, there are many subjects they have to memorize and prepare for their exams one by one which usually becomes a hustle for students (Jacobson, 2019).

Many students feel that they are not good at memorizing information and they do not have good memory skills. But memorization is not a skill to be born with, any student can train and develop their memorization abilities. Scholars claim that using different memorization techniques such as visualization, and memory tricks and take my online exams for me helps students to memorize information for exams. Research has proven that students who use memorization techniques and tricks perform better than those who are not aware of them. Memorization techniques will help you to expand your memory and be able to remember the concepts for a longer period. Below I will discuss some memorization techniques and tricks, so keep on reading it.

Memorization tips and techniques:

There are majorly two types of memorization techniques, simple and visualization techniques. In each technique, there are various methods to memorize the information. Below I will be discussing each of them in detail.

Simple memorization tips:

  1. Understand the concept: information that makes sense and is understandable by the students is easier to memorize. So students should first focus on understanding the concept and then memorized it.
  2. Revise before sleep: it has been proven by research that your brain tends to store information while you are sleeping, it is a good strategy to revise everything you have studied before sleeping so your brain will store the information.
  3. Self-test: take an online quiz services test to know where are you standing and how much you have memorized and how much is left. Ask questions to yourself constantly do not just sit and read the paragraphs, try to ask a question yourself about the topic it will force your memory to remember it without looking at the information.
  4. Make a connection: link your information with the concept you have already memorized. Memorizing the information solely is more difficult than linking it with the other concept. If you could not find out the technical connection between topics then make a silly connection, for example, the water temperature is 12 degrees and link it as your sister’s birthday is on 12 January, so it will help you to remember it during an exam.
  5. Write down: another quick way to memorize the information is to write it down on paper. The more you write it, the more you will remember it. Writing helps to deeply remember stuff because it builds the connection between hand and brain, so you will tend to remember your information more. While you are writing concepts, it forces the brain to recall information and visualized the written material, this technique works to memorize stuff quickly with strong recall power.
  6. Create groups: another good technique to recall information is to set them into a group and link them together. for example, you want to remember the order of mathematics, brackets, order root, division, multiplication, addition, and sum, so you group their first letter and made a set of BODMAS, each letter stands or the order and is easy to memorize it. Now all you have to do is to remember the BODMAS and it will help you to recall the whole order of mathematics. 
  7. Talk to yourself: constantly talking to yourself about the topic and keeps on reminding it will help you to memorize the information. If you just keep on reading it you might forget easily but when you talk to yourself about the topic and repeat it constantly it will store in your memory.
  8. Exercise: studies have proven that by doing exercise your blood circulation increases and will increase the storage capabilities of your brain.

Visual and spatial techniques:

Visual and spatial memorization techniques are those that involve your five senses. In these techniques, we use different images, videos, and audio and build feelings to store the information. This makes it easier for you to see, feel, or hear the things you want to remember. There are different visual and spatial techniques which I will discuss below.

  1. Visual image: whenever you want to remember anything make a visual image of it in your brain which represents the concept. Images are important because they connect directly to your brain’s visuospatial centers. Images will help you to memorize stuff more easily and creatively by tapping into visual areas of the brain.
  2. The memory palace:  this is an interesting technique where your use the space of your house and deposit different topics into different rooms of your house to recall which room links to which topics and what is in it. 
  3. Songs: another more amazing technique is to create your song whit the help of your lesson lyrics and sing it. Your brain easily remembers the song’s lyrics more than a boring paragraph so with the help of making a weird song your concept will be stored and memorized for a longer period.
  4. Use five senses: Using as many of the five senses as possible when studying helps you use more parts of your brain and retain information better. 


Finally, I have discussed in detail the different techniques and tricks to memorize for exams. Now let us have a quick review.

Types of memorization techniques:

  1. Simple memorization
  • Understand the concept – understanding the concept and then memorizing it.
  • Revise before sleep – revise everything you have studied before sleeping.
  • Self-test – take your self-tests and online quizzes.
  • Make a connection – link your information with the concept you have already memorized.
  • Write down – The more you write it, the more you will remember it.
  • Create groups – make a group of information and link them together.
  • Talk to yourself – talk to yourself about the topic and repeat it constantly.
  • Exercise – do exercise to boost your memorization capabilities.
  1. Visual and spatial memorization techniques:
  • Visual image – make a visual image of your concept.
  • The memory palace – use the space of your house and deposit different topics.
  • Songs – create your song whit the help of your lesson.
  • Use five senses – use all your five senses.


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