How to Monetize IGTV – Make Money from Instagram in 2022

IGTV Monetization

Apart from short-styled video content that only allows the user to make a maximum of one-minute-long video, IGTV is the best thing for people who are intended to create lengthy videos. Also, this content permanently remains on their profile and they can be seen by anyone, whenever they want.

Another interesting point about these videos is that we can enable monetization on them that fits the marketing strategy of many brands. That’s however seems so difficult but trust me it’s quite simple and can be done by anyone with the right content marketing strategy. Buy Instagram followers, if you want to stand out on Instagram and Grow Your profile Successfully. Some Reliable sources offer to buy YouTube Views try it if you want to get more reach on your channels.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how you can get this done.

IGTV is another way to monetize your account:

IGTV allows its users that they can share the previews in the form of stories and it helps a lot in getting more and more views. And the views you get by this means can be later converted into your revenue if you successfully enable the IGTV ads which is a monetization tool on Instagram. These ads appear when they are clicked by the users in the feeds and they are optimized specially for mobile phones and lasts normally for 15 seconds. Although, it is not confirmed that either the user can skip them or not but yes shortly these ads will act like YouTube ads that lead the audience to the website by swiping on the link.

This tool cannot be accessed by all only some users in the UK and Australia can use this tool. However, it can be expected to be accessed by all people in the future so that brands can utilize this opportunity and make themselves more powerful by advertising through it.

How much money one can earn from IGTV?

With the advent of massive competition in social media marketing, it has become the most challenging revenue stream but still, its significance can never be denied. It is the most powerful way to generate revenue and this is the main reason behind the continuous efforts that are being put in by brands to make them stand out. Now, it is expected IGTV that is also going to be another important source to make money on Instagram.

The Instagram chief operating officer has confirmed that Instagram ads are going to receive up to 55% of the proceeds. They made this decision by looking at the percentage of YouTube and Facebook as they keep the rest of the 45% of revenue for themselves.

This monetization tool makes IGTV just like a dream come true for brands and businesses as they are going to generate direct revenue from this feature and also, and they can generate direct traffic on their website.

Requirements to get IGTV monetized:

The only gateway to get your IGTV monetized is to comply with the community guidelines, terms and conditions, and other content monetization policies. If your content violates any of the mentioned rules then Instagram will not issue your payment.

Royalties are the second important thing that you need to consider while trying to get your IGTV monetized. When you give the credit to the person whose sound or video you are using in your video content, then Instagram financially benefits that person as well. So, you should never use the content of anyone without giving them credit.

So, to get monetized you have to create your content by following the guidelines given by Instagram.

Step-by-step procedure to monetize your IGTV

The monetization of IGTV is so simple. You only need to follow a series of some simple steps and it’s done:

  1. Upload your video content to the IGTV channel
  2. Then go to the ad manager of your account and tap on the “Create” button.
  3. There are given so many objectives for the video and you are required to choose one of them relevant to your video content.
  4. There are some other factors including budget, schedule and target audience, etc. you need to choose according to your content.
  5. This information is carefully added because the ads are assigned based on this given information.
  6. You are required to adjust the placement of the ads it can be automatic or manual.
  7. Enter the URL of your Instagram TV in the content section.
  8. Once you have selected the URL that is linked to your ad, paste your IGTV URL in the box of the ad manager website.
  9. Now just choose a suitable displacement of CTA
  10. It’s done

So, this is the simplest way to monetize your IGTV video. The only important thing is the rules and regulations of Instagram that should never be compromised. A minor violation of these rules can stop Instagram from paying you for your content. No matter how good it is.


IGTV can be extremely helpful for businesses when they know how to utilize this platform by generating content that delves into the details. Any kind of content regarding DIYs, tutorials, and much more. While you are choosing to communicate through IGTV, you are not only choosing a better representation of your content but also you are choosing several opportunities to get monetized more quickly and get doubled revenue. So, you must be alert about the new upcoming features that are introduced by Instagram and then find the right ways to utilize them for your brand.

Hope you find this article so helpful. If you still have any questions about this topic, please do tell me in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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