Immunity Boosting Superfoods For This Monsoon


The immunity system plays a role in defending us from external radicals which could affect our health. Being able to have a healthy immune system ensures that our body is protected from getting sick, etc.

In the monsoon season our bodies are susceptible to infection and other ailments because of the conditions. The warm and humid climate is the perfect environment for the development of illness-causing organisms. This is why it’s more vital to preserve our immunity during the monsoon.

Superfoods, as the name implies provide a high amount of nutrients and are extremely beneficial to our bodies. Certain superfoods have proven to boost our immune system. Here, we’ll list superfoods to incorporate into your diet as soon as possible for those who want to boost your immunity during the monsoon.

superfoods monsoon-related illnesses and boosting your immunity:


Ginger is among the most well-known superfoods that boost immunity that is a hit in India. Ginger is a popular ingredient in many dishes and in warm tea, which could increase your immunity.


Pomegranates are abundant in nutrients of all kinds and possess antiviral properties. Consuming pomegranates boosts your digestive health and the heart, as well as reducing the risk of chronic illnesses.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens include broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc. Leafy greens are available naturally in this time of year and are high in nutrient content and enhance general health, as well as immune system.


Like ginger, turmeric is well-known for its benefits for boosting immunity. This anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory spice helps us protect ourselves from illnesses that are common in the monsoon season.


Oranges, as well as other citrus fruits such as lemon, lime grapefruit, etc. are extremely rich of vitamins C. Vitamin C help improve our immune system. These fruits are also abundant in other nutrients that can improve the overall condition of our health.


Beetroot is abundant in folate, vitamin C fibers, potassium, along with other nutrients that increase our immunity and improve our overall health. Beetroot can also reduce inflammation.


Chicken and vegetable broths are full of nutrients and are warming to the mouth. Broths are full of nutrients and can boost your immune system. They are also great foods for those who suffer from colds or cough in monsoons.


Probiotics contain good bacteria. The good bacteria can improve our health and fights off harmful bacteria. Probiotics are yogurt, curd as well as buttermilk, kombucha and more.

Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is also referred to as an immunomodulator because it boosts our immunity. It protects us from the common cold that we’re susceptible to in the monsoon.


Like garlic, it is often used in Indian and South Asian cuisines. It is anti-viral, antibiotic and immune-boosting properties.


Eating foods rich in protein help increase our immunity. They accelerate our recovery from illnesses and protect us from harmful organisms that cause skinless skin.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are renowned for improving immunity, however they also boost our energy levels. We also have digestive issues during monsoons, which can be cured by eating the seeds of fenugreek regularly.

In the end, certain food items can help improve our immune system. A strong immune system is one that can withstand diverse illnesses. Also, ensure you keep your personal hygiene in check as well as keep your surroundings free of dirt, drink clean water, and consume fresh and clean foods to lessen the risk of developing monsoon-related diseases.