Interesting Godzilla Facts and Our Choice For Pop Culture Shopping


Godzilla just had his 68th birthday. His first film came out in 1954, a dark look at what atomic bombs and warfare can do to the earth. Godzilla was woken up from his sleep from deep in the sea’s depths by an atomic bomb going off, terrorizing Tokyo with his immense size, strength, and atomic breath.

While we all know who Godzilla is by now, there’s a lot people don’t know about this iconic kaiju. Below we’ll take a look at some surprising facts about the G-Man, as well as our choice for getting your hands on high-quality pop culture collectibles, jewelry, and other odds and ends!

Gojira is the Name
Godzilla’s original name, Gojira, is rumored to be inspired by a “tough guy” at Toho Studios with that nickname. Director Ishiro Honda said that there was a “huge fellow” working at Toho that people compared to a “kujira,” or whale. Over time, the words for whale and gorilla were combined, creating “Gojira” as his nickname. This story isn’t believed by everyone, but it’s still quite interesting.

Godzilla Has Continued to Grow

Godzilla started off 164 feet tall in 1954, which is already quite immense! But Godzilla has changed heights and appearance as time has gone on, going through different eras and circumstances. The Godzilla in the most recent MonsterVerse trilogy (with another on the way in 2024) is 1,043 feet tall! He is also much chunkier.

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Godzilla’s Iconic Roar

Godzilla is known for his roar as much as his height. While his roar has changed over the years, it was originally produced by rubbing a pine tar-coated leather glove over a double bass string. That’s the magic of folly! The original roar is bound to give you chills. The 2019 roar actually used the original roar from the 50s to create an iconic and breathtaking sound.

Godzilla Suit Shenanigans
While later films are largely CGI, the earlier Godzilla films used men in suits! The ShodaiGoji suit was created for the first movie back in the 50s. The first version was too heavy for the actors to perform in. The second one was quickly created — although it still weighed 220 pounds. What is quite strange is that a Godzilla suit was once stolen and lost in 1992. Worth $30,000, the suit later washed ashore (sort of like Godzilla coming out of the ocean in the films) in Lake Okutama near Tokyo.

Godzilla Has Fought the Avengers
Marvel ran a 24-issue comic book series that had Godzilla fighting the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. The series ran from 1977 to 1979. There have been many Godzilla crossovers throughout the years, including Godzilla appearing in games like PUBG. There was going to be a Godzilla crossover with Batman but it never happened.

Can Godzilla Exist?
Paleontologist Mike P. Taylor has killed our dreams (but possibly saved our lives) by realizing that a creature like Godzilla would not be able to exist in real life. The scientist explained that Godzilla’s size and build would result in him essentially crushing himself with his own weight.

Godzilla Has a Huge Bladder
It’s probably for the best if Godzilla didn’t ever exist because a site called Deep Sea News calculated that a beast the size of Godzilla would produce over 12.9 million gallons of urine. This amount is considered poisonous, which wouldn’t be too great for the ocean. It could even cause a flood if he decided to pee on land.

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