An Introduction to Royal Enfield Touring Accessories

An Introduction to Royal Enfield Touring Accessories
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There’s no disputing that you have to pack in a lot of information if you are new to bike riding. Alternatively, you might not be a novice rider but have realised that additional gear is necessary for safe riding. If you compare Royal Enfield Continental 650 vs. Interceptor 650 for future acquisition, this study will help you.

The experts are here to help you understand the process of selecting quality Royal Enfield modification accessories. Continue reading this post to gather some general knowledge before making an informed decision.

Similarly, suitable motorbike accessories can promise you genuine comfort in various circumstances. This can result in a safe and sound riding experience for you. The last thing a rider need is a distraction. Therefore, you must never carry on with uncomfortable, improperly fitting, or otherwise ineffective gear.

Why Bother with Accessories for Motorcycles?

As per the experts, motorbike accessories can provide you with genuine security against the pavement, as well as climatic elements. Simply put, they act second skin layer to the rider instead of just crash protection. 

When traveling fast, the road is like a tremendously large belt sander. So, the best action is to wear good protection because avoiding that belt sander isn’t always an option.

Accessories for Royal Enfield Motorcycles

If you are an outsider, do note that Royal Enfield has developed into much more than just a motorcycle company in recent years. Therefore, you must ideally take a peek into their house of motorcycle accessories when comparing Royal Enfield Continental 650 vs. Interceptor 650 for future investment, 

Some credible online platforms enable you to customise your bike and set it up the way you want it immediately after purchasing your RE. Simply put, you can use these add-ons to customise your motorcycle for a specific use case scenario. Moreover, one can also personalise the bikes to meet various needs, from aesthetic to practical. 

  1. Windscreen

For many, a windscreen can often appear as a decorative feature on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. However, new designs promise rapid speed without producing obtrusive vibration levels. Simply put, you will ride your bike at those speeds more often than not on the highway.

However, your overall riding experience can eventually become underwhelming when the wind blast acts somewhat spoilsport. You will then require the appropriate wind protection. It also gives the motorcycle some additional visual heft that some people could find appealing. 

  1. Helmets

Royal Enfield Continental 650 vs. Interceptor 650 research found that the face and chin are where approximately half of all collisions with a motorcycle happen. However, these areas don’t have adequate shielding from a typical open-face or three-quarter helmet. 

This is why you must ideally consider upgrading your motorcycle headgear to a full-face helmet. This will protect your face if you strike the ground quickly during an accident. In addition to protecting your face from sunburn, they will help keep the wind and bugs out of your eyes. 

You must select the appropriate helmet depending on the riding you intend to undertake. Due to their specific design, street and off-road helmets offer better protection and comfort. However, the simplicity of a three-quarter helmet with the security of a full-face makes modular helmets more and more popular.

  1. Jackets

Most experts will encourage you to consider the type of bike you ride when selecting a jacket. Simply put, the jacket should be snug but allow complete arm movement. In addition, most motorcycle jackets typically come with high-quality leather. This will enable them to withstand abrasion and battle inclement weather. 

It is worth mentioning that there are features that are only exclusive to motorcycle-specific jackets: They have adjustable air vents and snug-fitting seams to prevent flapping in the high-speed wind. Furthermore, they feature doubled seams to protect the stitching from damage and boost strength. You must make it a point to get one leather bike-riding jacket once you have completed comparing Royal Enfield Continental 650 vs. Interceptor 650.

  1. Gloves

To put it simply, any decent bike-riding gloves should enclose your hands. Ensure they have robust, abrasion-resistant fabrics with sturdy, protected stitching. This is essential since a glove that will fail on impact will have poor, crooked stitching and thin leather. 

Additionally, check if your gloves have armour on the base of the palm. They will guard your hands if there’s a crash. If you choose a glove, ensure it won’t obstruct your ability to handle your bike.

5. Key Learnings

You run a very great danger of getting hurt while riding a motorcycle. This is because the activity demands all of your physical and mental strength. Fortunately, motorcycle accessories may make you comfortable in any weather, safe from mishaps, and less tired. 

Therefore, you must ideally consider them as must-haves when comparing Royal Enfield Continental 650 vs. Interceptor 650 for an eventual purchase. Visit Carorbis online to find out more information about motorcycle accessories right now.

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