Is BigCommerce Good for SEO? What You Should Know


One of the most common searches online is “is BigCommerce good for SEO?” and depending on the day or which result you click on, answers will vary.

The same will go for BigCommerce SEO service providers. Some say it’s good for SEO. Others, not so much. After all, if it were, what would be the point of their SEO services?

Generally, though, reception is favorable – but recently, one website,, published quite a hot take.

“BigCommerce is not good for SEO,” they quip, following with “the platform is not built with SEO in mind,” and moreover, “it can be difficult to optimize your store.”

This could be written off as blind criticism, except for the fact that it is currently (December 14th, 2022) ranking on page one, spot one, with a rich snippet. So enough people find it helpful that Google has dropped it squarely at the top of the results.

But there’s a lot you can take away from this. It’s not that BigCommerce is bad, objectively. In fact, for what it’s good for (eCommerce), BigCommerce is actually quite good: it’s compatible with numerous payment gateways and makes managing massive online inventories simple.

And it’s not quite that it’s bad for SEO, either. There are some things it does right.

What BigCommerce Does Do Right
While no platform will come “optimized” out of the gate, there are numerous technical SEO ranking signals that BigCommerce has configured in such a manner so as to make them SEO friendly.

Consider, for instance:

● BigCommerce automatically generates unique URLs and makes it easy to optimize URL slugs as needed.

● The BigCommerce platform automatically implements 301 redirects.

● BigCommerce uses a content delivery network, or CDN, to optimize site speed.

● In fact, as a hosted platform, BigCommerce enjoys generally high site speeds and security.

● The platform is compatible with a variety of SEO and mobile-friendly free and premium themes.

● BigCommerce has SEO fields (such as metadata and product description fields) that are easy to edit and optimize.

● BigCommerce can automatically set up and back up your site’s robots.txt file.

● The platform automatically creates and updates your store’s sitemap.

● With a relatively open API, BigCommerce is compatible with numerous different third-party apps, many of which can be used to boost UX and SEO.

● BigCommerce includes a default, basic blog, which can be used for both SEO and content marketing.

But, as you can imagine, these are only a few of the features that affect SEO, and by and large, they are technical. This doesn’t touch the other three pillars of SEO, which are content and on and off-page SEO.

You will still need the help of a BigCommerce SEO services provider to perform keyword research, optimize your on-page content, make piecemeal optimizations to your website’s ranking signals, develop a link-building strategy, and more.

These are the sorts of things that BigCommerce does not do for you, but that doesn’t make it bad for SEO. If anything, the platform has some pretty helpful technical SEO advantages, and its user-friendly back-end makes it easy to optimize the website on an ongoing basis.

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