Is washi tape reusable?


Washi tape sticks permanently. You can make sure that you don’t remove it if you apply it directly to the paper. It will also stay on the paper if you put it on a clean surface. You can also put the tape on a piece of clothing, and the tape will stay there. This means you can wear it, hang it, and use it as decoration.

Washi tape is often used on clothing because it won’t leave a messy stain.

You can also use it to temporarily fix a damaged item. Use it to cover small holes and tears, especially those that won’t Washi tape manufacturer be seen right away. The tape will stick to almost anything. It is perfect for kids. You can cut out patterns with it to decorate your kid’s clothes. You can also use it to decorate gift bags.

You can use it to make a temporary doorstop. Cut out pieces, glue them together, and use them to block a hole in your wall.

It is great for gifts. You can make your own gift wrap with it.

You can also use it as a craft to decorate your room. Make it into a pillowcase or place mats.