Latest Trends In Custom Software Application Development


Technology is swiftly evolving across different domains and custom software application development is not an exception to this. Custom software is highly sought after by businesses of all types, sizes and formats to ease their processes and add more value to their offerings. Software development companies are doing a phenomenal job in fulfilling the needs and aspirations of industries with their custom software development solutions. Here are the latest trends in custom software application development to look for in this year.

Web 3.0
With the continuous evolution of the internet, businesses operate online in a different way. We can say that Web 3.0 is the next phase of the world of internet. This will assure getting in a lot of innovative solutions and transform how businesses operate.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Experts say progressive web apps is the next big thing about software development. In giving you the best of both the worlds, this approach to software development lets you enjoy the responsiveness and convenience of a mobile app while also accessing the security and features of a website.

Microservices Architecture
Gaining a lot of popularity over the recent times, Microservices architecture lets the developers break down their applications into small modules for the sake of efficient and easy management and deployment. This concept uses containers for the sake of isolating every service and run them as independent processes.

The Internet of Behaviour (IoB)
The Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is one of the most wonderful trends in software development. In the years to come, this is expected to rule the industry. The Internet of Behaviour refers to connecting physical objects with the internet, which will revolutionize how we interact with the real world around us. We can say machine learning and artificial intelligence are the key drivers of IoB.

Blockchain Technology
Though this is a nascent technology that is developing still, businesses have already started experiencing the benefits of this technology in some measures. Blockchain technology can help use technology in a sophisticated way with a lot of exclusive advantages and also streamline their operations in several interesting ways. This technology is an invaluable tool to secure data and hence those businesses that handle sensitive information will find this very useful.

Low-Code Development
Known as the trailblazer in the world of custom software application development domain, Low-code development is in fact making its way to the top trends in this year. Some new functions and benefits you can expect from this include easy task automation, more opportunity to collaborate, and predictive data analysis. Those businesses aspiring to keep their operations leaner, they must consider investing in this technology for sure.

This is an emerging trend in the software development arena. This is becoming increasingly popular and according to experts, this will be the dominant power in the IT industry over the coming years. DevSecOps will give businesses the ability to secure the software applications and make them agile and resistant to new threats.

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