Lifeguard Swimming is a complete sport, 4 reasons why

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Very many and, it must be said, that it is really true, lifeguard recertification near me and swimming is a unique sport that allows you to train the whole body at the same time.

Learning to swim is not only important for feeling safe in the sea or in the pool, it is also important for stimulating muscles and bones, allowing them to develop harmoniously and completely.

That’s why more and more people are choosing to go swimming to keep fit and to feel good about themselves.

But what are the characteristics of swimming? Why do we say it is a complete sport?

Because swimming is a complete sport

Swimming is good for body and mind, but why?

First of all we must consider that to swim it is necessary to use a large number of muscles in the body: let’s think of the arms, legs, glutes, abs, back and neck.

How many other sports move all these muscle groups at the same time?

Furthermore, water is a perfect training ground: when we are immersed, the perception of our weight is halved because it is the water that supports us.
This condition also allows the less trained to practice this sport without affecting the joints.

What are the benefits of swimming?

Regular training in the pool allows you to strengthen your spine. In fact, when swimming, the ribcage tends to enlarge slightly, correcting any vertebral deviations. Not to mention that the back muscles are strongly toned, decreasing that slight hump that we all tend to have when we relax our shoulders.


Swimming is an aerobic activity, a real panacea for keeping cholesterol under control and reducing cardiovascular risks. Practicing this sport consistently allows you to lower cholesterol levels and helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as blood pressure. Not to mention that the water temperature (being lower than that of the body) dilutes the heat due to the effort and does not tire the heart muscle excessively which, on the contrary, is strengthened in a balanced way.


More than many other sports, swimming allows you to increase lean mass, destroying fat mass. The perception of not sweating is essential in this sense, because the water temperature (lower than body temperature) allows you not to subject the muscles to excessive effort and “overheating”, allowing them to continue the activity with a high level of intensity .


After a workout, the brain releases a large amount of endorphins, chemical compounds that increase good mood and happiness. Swimming is an excellent ally against the stress of everyday life.