Make Your Pet Shop Business the Talk of the Town: Brand Awareness on a Budget


If you want your pet shop to be successful, you need to think about a marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness and expand your market base. So you need to promote your pet business using the right mix of methods to reach the widest audience possible.

You could explore print advertising, online advertising, direct mail, and public relations. But each of these methods could require time and resources which you may not have, especially if you are a small business.

But there are ways to market your pet shop without spending too much. You only need some creativity, a social media account, and some smart promotional marketing to promote your pet shop and increase customer awareness and loyalty!

Use Social Media
People love seeing pets on their social media feeds. They find that it relieves stress and makes them feel more positive. So why not take photos of your favorite animals and post them on your social media page?

You can also dress up the puppies and kittens with custom-made collars or holiday costumes along with greetings for the season. You’ll get more reposts, shares, and likes from posts like this, and will likely find a home for the pets.

Customize the Pet Store Shopping Experience
You can customize the pet store shopping experience when you use bundled packages that would suit a specific kind of pet lover. If you have a lot of dog lovers visiting your shop, include dog grooming products, toys, doggie snacks, books on pet grooming, and dog bookmarks.

If you have a lot of people who visit the shop but do not buy anything, one way to entice them to come back and make a purchase is to give them promo materials that they can use for their pets. Give samplers of pet treats with your brand and logo, and word-of-mouth marketing can do a lot when owners know where they received such a good experience.

Partner with Other Pet-related Businesses
Build a partnership with other businesses that offer pet services, such as a pet grooming shop or a pet training service. Working with a partner can increase your customer base, and you can make more people aware of your brand.

You and your business partner can set up a short course or class to help train puppies, or a class on how to groom specific cat breeds. You can entice the customers to attend by giving it for free, but at the same time you can sell goods from your pet shop.

In such events, most people would likely be interested in your business, so why not give business cards?

Use Customized Business Cards
Many people think that business cards are a thing of the past, especially since most people use the internet to find products and services. But using a customized business card is one way to increase brand awareness.

But how could you make your business cards special and useful?

One way to make sure that your business cards won’t be set aside is to customize it and make it related to your business and branding. So if you have a pet shop, use customized animal-themed bookmarks and put your business name and contact information. This will ensure that most people will use it and not throw it away.

You don’t need a big budget to promote your pet shop business. Social media and the internet has made it possible for many small business owners to communicate directly to their customers and expand their market reach.

Using these different marketing channels to reach your target audience can help a lot in increasing brand awareness and revenue. Combining your efforts on these online platforms, and offline marketing strategies such as promos and sales are also the best way to make your effort a success.

So the next time you want to create a successful marketing campaign for your pet shop, consider these methods and know what your target market wants from your business. Doing so will give you more repeat customers and more business opportunities.

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