Making Your Display Shelf with Lights the Focal Point of Your Seasonal Display


It’s nearly December, which means it’s time to dust off the Christmas decorations and festoon the house with Christmas cheer.

But don’t forget one of the prime fixtures in your home for decoration – your display shelf with lights. It doesn’t need a supporting role, you can make it the star!

It already has plenty of room for displaying decorations and built-in accent lighting to draw attention to itself, making it the perfect backdrop for seasonal decoration.

These are our top suggestions (and if you don’t have a fancy LED lighted display shelf yet, visit

Tinsel, Garlands, Streamers: Use What You Have
The supports of that display shelf with lights are the perfect attachment point for garlands, streamers, tinsel, and so much more.

Wind evergreen garlands or metallic tinsel up the supports. You can then decorate these with glass baubles and other Christmas decorations.

You can even add real greenery or create your own garlands – just be careful, as cut evergreen boughs tend to drip sap when brought inside.

Accent Lights
While your fancy tiered LED display shelf already has accent lighting built in, you can still use the extra space for string lights.

If you don’t accessorize with garlands or streamers, consider spiraling some white string lights or multicolor Christmas lights up the supports of the shelving.

Add a Miniature Tree
Any bare shelf space is wasted (if you ask us) and calls for a tree. Get one of those mini Christmas trees that you can find for a few dollars, put it on one of the top shelves, and decorate it.

If you go for this aesthetic, do it in a room where there isn’t already a full-size tree on the floor or a tabletop tree elsewhere. You don’t want your decorations to compete with each other.

Decorations and Curiosities
This is the perfect time of year to swap out your curios in favor of Christmas-themed decorations, and there are too many to list here.

Tiny wooden figurines, resin statues, nutcrackers, ceramic trees, miniature Christmas scenes adorned with fake snow, wooden signs, and battery-powered candles – they all make excellent and appropriate seasonal decorations.

Candles and Seasonal Scents
Candles also make great seasonal decorations, especially since December is one of the darkest months of the year.

There are also a number of seasonally-appropriate scents at your disposal; everyone associates the smell of pine with Christmas, but there are also spiced scents, bakery-inspired scents, and much more. You can also consider scents like bayberry, peppermint, oranges, and cloves – all of which have a festive slant and are reminiscent of the holiday season.

These, like string lights, can also add a little ambient draw to your setting, too.

Draw Them in with Seasonal Sweets
After Halloween, this might just be the best time of year to place out a bowl with seasonally-inspired sweets.

Get a nice crystal bowl (it will catch and reflect the light from your display shelf beautifully) and fill it with peppermints, ribbon candy, old-fashioned Christmas candies (like Washburn’s), or anything else you know your company will enjoy.

This little trick will entice visitors to your home to come and get a closer look at your display – and the best part is that it will reward them for doing so.

Your Display Sheld with Lights Is a Blank Canvas: Dress It According to Your Inspiration
These are just suggestions to kickstart your creative genius. If you have your own vision for how to transform your display shelf with lights into a Christmas centerpiece, go for it!

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