What Are The Male Performance Anxiety Solutions? – Let’s Find Out in Brief

Male performance anxiety solutions

Check out Male performance anxiety solutions. Male performance anxiety means when it involves worry and fear related to sexual performance. This activity can happen during or before sex. On the other hand, the very term sexual performance anxiety is often called just performance anxiety.

Sometimes many people have confused erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. Although sometimes sexual performance anxiety leads to erectile dysfunction but they are two different conditions. In this article, we are going to discuss male performance anxiety solutions.  

The Male Performance Anxiety Solutions

Below we have discussed the male performance anxiety solution. Or the ways how to break the cycle of performance anxiety.  


Sexual performance anxiety or performance anxiety is mainly a disbalancing of mental health conditions. It can cause alone but be linked with other mental health conditions like depression, mental frustration, and so on. 

Apart from that, these symptoms can overlap, like depression can affect performance anxiety. On the other hand, performance anxiety can affect depression. But the thing is, sexual performance anxiety can be treated. There are some common treatment approaches like medications, psychotherapy, or maybe both. 

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If erectile dysfunction then it will be part of the cause of sexual performance anxiety. In this case, medications would be a great thing that you need to utilize. You have to address erectile dysfunction and show related anxiety. 

There are such medicines as phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors and intraurethral medications, or you can utilize penile injections also. If there is an issue with low testosterone levels or low libido, then you need to take testosterone replacement therapy.  

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The primary treatment for sexual performance therapy is talk therapy or psychotherapy. In this case, one of the common types of therapy is CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. 

It helps to recover sexual performance anxiety in women and men. This therapy is one of the best options because it helps in treating sexual performance anxiety for several causes. 

Systematic or exposure therapy may also help to reduce the fear and feeling associated with sex. In this case, it let the individual with sexual performance anxiety to face the afraid situation in a safe manner and then control it in a way by overcoming that fear. In this case, you can get both gradual exposure and relaxation. 

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4)Mindfulness Meditation

Another way to treat male performance anxiety is mindfulness meditation training. It is used for several types of anxiety, other challenges, mental health, general life challenges, and so on. In this way, you can get into a relaxed state, resting comfortably and with your eyes closed.

The main thing is you can calm your mind with so many thoughts, anxiety, other physical and mental health challenges, and so on. It also helps your mind to be at peace by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Apart from that, it helps to gain more awareness and control your mind and body. 

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If you are facing sexual anxiety, then you need to do more communication with your partner. In this case, it will be beneficial for you. 

The more you understand your partner mentally, the more you will feel better. Therefore it is very important to build stronger relationships, lead to determining practical solutions, and so on. Communication can be used as part of yoga practices and mindfulness meditation. 


Another practice is yoga which helps to cure many strong mental health diseases. It is often used with several types of anxiety, other physical and mental health disabilities, and so on. It has been used to address performance anxiety and other erectile dysfunction. 

There are also several other bedroom yoga practices specifically for overcoming male performance anxiety. This is mainly a practice that can be used by a person struggling with various sexual performance anxiety or having together in bed. 

There are several causes of male performance anxiety

Sex is not about physical responses between two persons. While you are intimate with your partner, that time, emotions are also working. In this case, if your mind is so stressed out, then your body can’t get excited. 

Below we have discussed several causes of male performance anxiety

  • While you are having sex with your partner in this situation, if you have a lot of fear, then you can’t perform well. 
  • If you have a poor body image, then it would be a concern. Suppose too overweight or too thin can be the reason
  • If you have sexual problems in your relationship
  • If your “male genitalia” is not in size
  • Anxiety if you can’t enjoy the sexual experience.


We have mentioned some of the treatment methods for male performance anxiety above in this article. Mental health problems can be resolved by various therapy like cognitive behavior therapy, talk therapy, and so on. Male performance anxiety is all about depression and mental frustration. Therefore it can be resolved if you can continue incurred with yoga, therapy, and meditation.

We hope you liked this article. In case you have doubts, please drop a comment in the comment section below. Lets find out about How To Break The Cycle Of Performance Anxiety?