On Choosing a Wholesale Smoke Shop Supplies Distributor


Running a successful smoke shop or vape shop is equal parts carrying what your customers want to buy, offering fair prices, knowing your industry, and keeping up with trends and regulations.

Working with the right wholesale smoke shop supplies partner can take some of that legwork out of your camp. The right partner will support your objectives with fair prices, a wide selection, fast shipping, and more.

Well, see below for the full analysis of what you should consider before purchasing from or partnering with a wholesale smoke shop supplier.

Selection of Devices and E-Liquids (Brands Represented, Keeping Up with Trends)
One of the most important things you need to evaluate when looking for a new wholesale smoke shop supplies distributor is selection.

They should carry the top brands that your customers want. Only you know what brands sell well in your shop, but some of the most popular brands in the vape industry are Esco Bars, Geekvape, Vaporesso, SMOK, Juice Head, Sad Boy, Pods, and Cloud Express, although there really are countless more.

The wholesaler in question should carry a wide range of vape devices, including disposables and mods, as well as e-liquids and nic salts. These are the basics.

They should also demonstrate a concerted effort to stay in touch with customers and be aware of trends in new developments in mods and vaping technology.

Alternative Products and Accessories
A wide selection of alternative parts and accessories is also an asset among wholesalers. For instance, look for one that offers rolling papers, cleaning supplies, batteries, and chargers.

Some vapers like to customize or even build their own mods, so parts are another selling point. Some wholesalers sell coils, drip tips, tanks and glass, vaporizers, and other rebuildable accessories.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive pricing is also a must. While it’s important that you get what you need (or what your customers want) you can’t give away your own competitive advantage by paying a premium to your wholesaler.

Just be aware of the fact that sometimes members-only pricing is not apparent from a website; you may need to create an account first.

Customer Service and Support
It is important that a wholesale smoke shop supplies partner offers good customer service and support. This is vital for support after the sale as well as to answer any questions you might have about products or e-liquids with which you are personally not familiar.

No Minimum Order Quantities
Some wholesalers require minimum order quantities or offer tiered discounts. While this serves their model, it does not serve yours.

Look for a partner that doesn’t require minimum order quantities so you can buy what you need – not some arbitrary bulk volume – and still get good pricing.

Fast Shipping
It’s fair to acknowledge that shipping times are not always the core competitive advantage of a wholesaler, but you still want to work with a partner that will ship out your order this week, not next month.

Some wholesalers, like Kingdom Vapor, are pretty good about fast shipping; most orders to their website even ship out within 24 hours, and some on the same day.

A Customer-Friendly Return Policy
While you shouldn’t expect to be able to return e-liquids, it’s not unreasonable to expect to be able to return unopened devices and parts, especially if the order was placed in error.

Some wholesalers have different return policies from others, so be on guard when shopping for one.

Add Kingdom Vapor to Your List of Wholesale Smoke Shop Supplies Partners
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