How To Track The Status Of A Personal Loan Application Online?


Personal loans are the best option for those who require quick cash for a variety of expenses. They are no-collateral loans that have no restrictions on their use. They are also easy to apply for and anyone with a decent credit rating and a high income can get approved quickly at the best rates.

Hero FinCorp supports 100% digital applications, which makes the process easier and quicker than ever. The waiting period between the loan application and the approval can cause anxiety in the applicants. It is important to check the status of their loan application in order to know where they are and what’s happening with it. Find out how to track the status of your Personal Loan application.

How to check the status of your loan

Personal loans are a lifesaver, regardless of whether the borrower wants to use them to pay for higher education or a lavish wedding. They can also be used to clear previous debts, pay for medical bills, and handle other financial emergencies. It’s vital to receive real-time information on the status of the loan without having to visit our office. Here are some ways to check your loan status:

Contacting Customer Care

Once a borrower has applied for a credit, they can contact our representatives via our customer service center. They must have their application and personal details at hand to finish the conversation. Some NBFCs let applicants know the status of their Personal Loan applications via IVR. Others allow a one-to-one chat with a customer service representative. Calls can be made any day of the week, except on Sundays and holidays.

Connect via WhatsApp

Knowing the status of your Personal Loan can help ease anxiety in a busy schedule. By sending a “Hi” to our WhatsApp number, we allow applicants the opportunity to contact their representative. The representative will chat with the applicant once they connect through the chat. They can also ask about their loan status.

Sending an Email Query

After submitting a loan request, the applicant may contact our customer service center by sending an e-mail. In the email, include all important loan details. This includes the application ID, your contact information, and the date of birth. The applicant will receive a response from the customer service department to any questions they may have.

Downloading Mobile App

We offer a mobile app that allows you to do many things, including apply for a new loan, track loan status, calculate EMIs and pay EMIs. Download the Hero Fencer Retail Service App (RCSA) for regular updates on your loan account. You can also track the status of the loan application, your EMI payments or make real-time payment. You can update your important details as well as download the necessary documents.

What happens if an applicant forgets their application number?

When a borrower applies for a loan, they receive an application number. This number can be used for many purposes, such as checking the status of a loan. Many people need to know what happens if they forget their application number, or cannot track it. Applicants can track the status of their application by contacting the customer service center via email, phone, or message. The NBFC representatives can verify the applicant’s credentials and explain their situation. This information allows them to track their loan status, and they know where they are in the application process.

You can check your status if you forget to write down the application number, or if it is lost.

Mobile number

Applicants must provide their mobile numbers to the NBFC when applying for a credit. This number is used for communication, OTPs, important messages, and special offers. The applicant can use their phone number to ask NBFC representatives to check on the status of the application if they lose the application number. The NBFC has the mobile number of the applicant in its records and can quickly check on the loan status.

Net Banking

Customers can track the status of their loan applications through their bank’s net banking account. Logging into the account is required to track the status of their loan application.

Email ID

Many NBFCs are able to identify their customers by their email IDs. Emails are saved on their system, and they can access them at any time to track the status of a loan. Request the status of the loan application in real time by sending an email to the same email address.

The process of applying for a loan, and then waiting for it to be approved is one that can cause anxiety and stress. This can be shortened by maintaining a good credit score, checking out loan offers, reducing DTI, and keeping the same job before applying. Credible borrowers are often approved faster than other borrowers.


Knowing how to check the status of a loan online can be useful in different situations. If the Personal Loan application is rejected, for example, the applicant may start searching for other funding sources immediately after checking the status. Tracking the status of the loan is a great way to increase transparency in the lending process.