Printhead cleaning solutions for DTF or DTG printers


Both DTG and DTF printers are high-quality printers and if you have any one of them, then you will require a high-quality printhead cleaning solution. Printhead cleaning solutions help to remove clogs that can occur in printers as a result of various ink pigments. These ink pigments can get stuck in tubes and print heads resulting in clogs. Apart from this long periods of no use can lead to patchy printing. Complete cleaning of the printhead before using the printer after a long time will help in removing any printing problems that may happen. Normally printheads can be cleaned with the help of the self-cleaning in-built software of the printer. However, if this fails you will need to manually clean the print head with the help of a print head cleaning solution. Apart from selling a wide range of printers, the DTG Pro platform also sells printhead cleaning solutions for DTF and DTG printers. The DTG pro platform sells four main types of printhead cleaning solutions and each of them has its use. These have been discussed in the following

  • Printhead cleaning solution concentrates: It is a 950ml printhead solution concentrate. It should be added to distilled water in a 1:8 ratio. As a result, you can make two gallons of cleaning solution. This mixture can then be used for flushing the printheads. 
  • DTG Pro Last Chance Printhead cleaning solution: This printhead solution is extremely strong and should be used if both DTFPRO extreme and DTFPRO printhead cleaning solutions are not working. This print head solution does not guarantee that it will clear an unclog-gable clog. However if you have tried everything else and nothing is working, and are thinking about replacing your printhead, then you can use this Printhead cleaning solution as a last resort. 
  •  DTFPRO printhead cleaning solution: This cleaning solution is suitable for cleaning DTG and DTF printheads. It can be used manually with the help of a syringe and tubing to flush the print head. 
  • DTFPRO Xtreme Printhead cleaning solution: If the DTFPRO printhead cleaning solution is not working, then this Xtreme solution can be used for flushing out stubborn clogs. If the DTFPRO Xtreme solution fails to unclog the printhead clogs, then the only option left is to use the DTFPRO last-chance cleaning solution. If all three cleaning solution fails then there’s no other option left and you will have to change the printheads.