Read This Before Sending Your Kid To Preschool


Enrolling at preschool is a big step for your growing kid. Though separation can be a painful experience, getting started with preschool learning can feel exciting for both of you. Here are a few tips to make transition to preschool a smooth experience.

Accompany your kid to the preschool
If possible, take your kid to the preschool on the previous day. Explore the playground and classroom with your kid. This exercise can be fun besides familiarizing your kid with the preschool environment. This can help avoid the stress and fear the kid is likely to feel on the first day.

Make friends with some children
Find if it is possible to arrange for a play date with the kids in your child’s class. This event can help make some friends for your kid and on the first day, the child will see some familiar faces at the school.

Play the school game with your kid at home
Much before the first day of your kid at the preschool, play the school game with your child at home. Take turns to act out some activities that happen in a typical preschool routine like storytelling, singing and taking a nap. You can also switch the roles and ask your kid to be the teacher. In this way, the kid will stay prepared on what to expect at the preschool. So, schooling will not be a scary thing for your baby. Such an exercise can help reduce the anxiety of schooling from day one.

Make a game out of getting ready to school
Create a game to getting ready to school including activities like fastening the buttons, pulling the zippers, preparing the backpack, hanging the jacket on a hook, and putting on shoes. Ask the kid to practice these chores quickly, this can train the child to get ready to the preschool on its own besides making schooling a fun. 

Narrate your school-going experiences
Find a quiet time with your kid and share your experiences of going to school as a kid. For every child, its parents are the first role models. So, learning your stories can enhance its motivation to attend the school. If possible, showing your preschool photograph to your kid can help add value to this session. 

Let you child speak on schooling
Learn from your kid what they feel about going to school. Alleviate their fears and boost up their excitement by participating in the discussion constructively. Tell them that it is very normal to feel worried about going to the school. However, actually speaking, schooling can be lots of fun. Give an assurance to the kid that you will be there at the end of the day to pick them up from the school and learn from them what happened over the long day.

Practice saying good bye
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will find it difficult to say good bye to their child after leaving them at the school. Therefore, it is good to practice saying good bye at home. A special routine, an interesting gesture and a special handshake can ease the situation and make the parting bearable.

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