Reversible Fox Fur Coats Might As Well Be the Most Versatile Entry in Your Wardrobe


Your reversible fox fur coat, or any reversible fur coat, is likely the most versatile and practical piece in your entire wardrobe.

Don’t believe us? Read on.

All-Weather Comfort
While you might be familiar with the fact that fur makes the best commercially available insulator (likely from experience, if you have a fur coat) you may also be familiar with the fact that fur is not ideal in inclement conditions.

Not because it won’t keep you warm when it’s cold and wet (it will) but because damp, soggy conditions are a doom spell for fur, just as they are for other natural materials.

Any fur coat that gets waterlogged needs to be sent off to a fur specialist right away or immutable damage will set in.

A reversible fox fur coat, by contrast, has a built-in hedge against these unfortunate occurrences. Depending on the reverse lining of your coat, you may just be able to turn it inside out when the weather takes a turn south.

Many reversible fur coats are made with nylon reverse sides that are waterproof and weather-resistant.

Two Separate Fundamental Aesthetics
Another great thing about reversible fur coats is that you quite literally get two separate pieces, with potentially varying aesthetics, for the price of one.

Reversible coats sometimes have separate, contrasting sides, which gives their owners no small degree of flexibility when it comes to shaking things up with an ensemble.

If you need a new source of inspiration when you want to incorporate the sleek opulence of fur into an outfit but aren’t feeling it, just turn your coat around and work with the reverse side.

In essence, this sort of makes reversible coats (of all sorts, not just fur) inherently half-priced. But, with fur, which has a larger-than-average price tag, this observation makes a larger impression.

Fur is naturally sustainable, as it is a renewable resource. But what some fur coat owners may not recognize is that fur is also recyclable and upcyclable.

When your coat starts to get older, if you need to give it new life, just bring it to a tailor and see what they can do with the fur parts that make up the coat.

They are worth saving and can often be given renewed life by making new garments or accessories from the odds and ends.

Just Make Sure You Treat It Right
Given the fact that a reversible fur jacket can make such an exemplary investment, it’s important to pay it the proper care and maintenance.

If your coat ever gets wet, take it to a fur specialist right away. You should also take your fur to a specialist cleaner at least once per year (if not more often).

Fur storage is another concern. Over the long term, fur needs to be stored properly, under cool, dry, dark, and well-ventilated conditions.

High humidity, sunlight, and stale air can all damage fur – so if you want to prevent malting, fading, cracking, or warping, make sure you store your fur properly or take it to a fur storage facility.

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