The Top 10 Viral Cat Videos of All Time: Guaranteed Smiles


Cats hold a unique place online, becoming internet royalty through viral videos that never fail to entertain. These captivating feline sensations have tickled the world’s funny bone, earning a particular spot in our hearts. Here, we present a countdown of the top 10 viral cat videos of all time, each guaranteed to bring joy and an infectious smile. Funny cat compilations, a treasure trove of feline antics, and adorable moments captured on camera have garnered immense popularity across digital platforms. These compilations curate the most amusing, heartwarming, and downright hilarious snippets of cats being their quirky and endearing selves, providing endless amusement to viewers worldwide.

1. Keyboard Cat – The Pioneer of Feline Fame

The video that kickstarted the craze, Keyboard Cat, showcases a musically inclined kitty jamming on a keyboard. With millions of views, this iconic cat paved the way for the internet’s love affair with feline talent and humour.

2. Grumpy Cat – The Face of Sass

Tardar Sauce, famously known as Grumpy Cat, captured the world’s attention with her perpetually grumpy facial expression. Her videos, featuring disdainful looks and sarcastic captions, skyrocketed her to fame as the face of sass and attitude.

3. Maru – The Box-Loving Superstar

Maru, the Japanese cat famous for his love of boxes, brings pure delight with his playful and curious antics. Maru’s adorable escapades have charmed millions worldwide, from squeezing into tiny boxes to attempting acrobatic jumps.

4. Nyan Cat – The Rainbow Pop-Tart Sensation

Nyan Cat, a pixelated cat with a Pop-Tart body flying through space, accompanied by a catchy tune, quickly became an internet meme. This whimsical and colourful video is a prime example of internet absurdity at its finest.

5. Henri, Le Chat Noir – The Existentialist Cat

Henri, the brooding French-speaking feline, gained fame for his philosophical musings on life’s mundane aspects. With a touch of existential humour, Henri’s deadpan delivery and melodramatic monologues captivated audiences globally.

6. Surprised Kitty – The Purr-fect Surprise

This heartwarming video features an adorable kitten experiencing pure bliss while being petted. The kitten’s surprised reaction and ensuing purring fit tug at viewers’ heartstrings, making it an instant mood lifter.

7. Simon’s Cat – The Mischievous Animated Feline

Simon’s Cat, a charming animated series, chronicles the misadventures of a cheeky cat and its owner. The cleverly crafted episodes capture the essence of cat behaviour, resulting in relatable and hilarious scenarios for cat lovers.

8. Talking Cats – The Hilarious Conversationalists

Videos featuring talking cats, through clever editing or mimicking human speech, have taken the internet by storm. Whether engaging in banter or seemingly holding deep discussions, these videos showcase the humorous potential of feline-human interactions.

9. Cat vs. Cucumber – The Startling Encounter

The bizarre yet amusing trend of placing cucumbers near unsuspecting cats has led to viral videos capturing their startled reactions. The cats’ exaggerated responses, leaping away in alarm, have sparked laughter worldwide.

10. Cat Bloopers – The Endearing Goofs and Gaffes

Compilation videos of cat bloopers, showcasing their clumsy missteps, failed jumps, and awkward moments, always evoke laughter. These genuine and endearing outtakes remind us of our beloved feline companions’ playful and imperfect nature.


From quirky antics to heartwarming moments, these top 10 viral cat videos have left an indelible mark on internet culture, consistently spreading joy and laughter. These feline stars’ charm, wit, and adorable behaviour have made them household names, uniting people globally in appreciation for the sheer delight they bring. So, the next time you need a pick-me-up, revisit these timeless classics and let the magic of cats’ captivating charm bring a smile to your face again.