Top 06 Customizable Polos Featuring Your Company Logo

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Are you looking for the perfect t-shirt that gives you a smart yet casual look? Then, polo shirts are perfect for your needs. When you think of styling yourself for a semi-formal occasion, where you could look dressed up but stylish-casual. So, polo tees fit in this frame. A polo tee will enhance your style and give a professional, decent, aesthetic look. And there can be many options that you can mix and match to make different looks. Undoubtedly, polo tees are the most comfortable, dressed-up looks people can’t stop wearing. No one can take their eyes off people who look tailored and clean. So, if you are looking for an important business meeting and want to make sure you have a lasting impression, pair your polo shirt with tailored pants because this combination makes such a great work outfit.

Suppose you are looking for some of the best custom corporate tees for your brand or team, a promotional gift, etc. We have some incredible options for you. When it comes to customization, embroidery is the best option so far. Embroidery offers your logo or text a clean, tailored, and aesthetic look. Moreover, it lasts longer than other printing methods like screen printing. 

So, what kind of polo t-shirts are the best for embroidery? Let’s find it out in this article!

Best Polo Shirt Fabrics for Embroidery

If you want your logo to look clear and prominent, you need to work on the best polo shirts. Polos that are tightly woven and that last longer can undergo the best embroidery stitching. In this way, they not only look perfectly aesthetic, but they don’t even lose shape or get teared up. So, use the following types of fabrics to get the best results! 

100% Cotton

We all know cotton is a natural and breathable fiber. And it is one of the popular choices among the apparel industries. The primary reason for choosing cotton over anything is it is breathable, comfortable, and durable. It is best to wear it throughout the seasons. Cotton is a skin-friendly, lightweight, and textured fabric. It gives a pleasant feel, and you won’t feel irritation or rash. So which means it’s excellent for sensitive skin too! 

Embroidery tends to sit better on cotton because of the tightly woven fabric. Lastly, cotton does not lose shape quickly if you take proper care of your shirts. 

100% Polyester

Polyester has similar properties to cotton. They are also made of densely woven fabric which helps the embroidery show its true colors! Polyester is excellent in durability and exhibits more stretchability than cotton. Polyester is also free of wrinkles and retains its shape for extended periods. However, it also depends on how you care for polyester garments. One drawback is that Polyester causes dermatitis. 

Blend of the Two

Now, here comes the combination of natural and synthetic materials! The cotton-poly blend is the perfect marriage for embroidery. This marriage comes with a handful of benefits to skin and garments. While you enjoy the breathability and comfort of the shirt, you can also display your unique embroidered logos through the shirt. 

Best Polo Shirts for Your Business Logo

So, let’s split the tea about our top picks of wholesale polo shirts to embroider corporate logos to promote businesses! 

Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

If you are finding high-quality polo t-shirts for the promotion of your brand, let’s say you need to sell them as a promotional gift or want to print a high-quality logo for an event. For anything like that, these polos are the best option. These are one of the top-selling brands for wholesale polo shirts. The plus point is you get the best quality at an affordable rate. 

This tee is available in aesthetic colors! So, you can get a matching pair with your pants. Moreover, the color doesn’t fade even after many washes. It does not shrink, either.

Clique Spin Pique Polo

Here is an alternative for the Port Authority polo. If you want to avoid picking the above option, you can explore some fantastic colors in this versatile article too! This classic shirt is affordable and features 100% Polyester, extra comfort, and a great fit.

It also features top-notch quality with a good feel and texture. Moreover, it will keep you warm, comfortable, and relaxed during work. Available in different sizes ranging from small to extra large.


In a nutshell, embroidery is an excellent choice, but choosing superb fabric can enhance the embroidery for your shirt. So, no matter what you choose – Cotton, Polyester, or cotton/poly blend, make sure to check out this article before you buy the polo shirt. We hope you find this helpful article exciting and & hope it helps!