Top 10 Market Research and Analytics Companies 

Market Research and Analytics Companies

Corporations want the benefits of industry data analytics. Some market intelligence services include holistic aggregation to increase corporate competitiveness. Managers also like extensive automation optimized by a reliable market research company. This post will list the top 10 market research and analytics companies. 

What is Market Research? 

Market research applies several intelligence-gathering methods to reveal client preferences, segmentation, pricing trends, and competitor strategies. Therefore, you can develop interconnected ad personalization and customer retention techniques utilizing market intelligence services

A market research company might explore the following queries to understand your target customers and estimate customer lifetime value (CLV). 

  1. Who is the company’s ideal buyer? 
  1. How does a customer use and perceive your products? 
  1. Likewise, what is the brand reception across consumer forums? 
  1. What should be your pricing strategy to attract more consumers? 
  1. Who are your competing brands? 
  1. How do these business rivals strategize their operations to expand market share? 
  1. How can an enterprise surpass its competitors? 
  1. Moreover, are new laws impacting your company’s growth potential and risk dynamics? 

Top 10 Market Research and Analytics Companies 

1| SG Analytics 

SG Analytics delivers market intelligence services to help companies in the healthcare, media, BFSI, and technology industries. Its analytical models have served global corporations for almost two decades. 

Also, as a market research company, SG Analytics enables modularization across its intelligence services to achieve particular business goals. Simultaneously, its solutions make business strategy development and focused group discussions (FGDs) more efficient. 

This leading firm will assist you in conducting primary and secondary market research, investment feasibility assessment, and data analytics. SG Analytics employs more than 1200 professionals and possesses a Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification. This company operates through its offices across top developed and developing countries. 

Additionally, SG Analytics publishes detailed case studies, white papers, and industry trend forecasts. It has an inclusive and sustainable thought leadership attitude toward solving clients’ business problems. Therefore, the stakeholders learn critical insights into multiple industries and macroeconomic policy risks through its Tattva newsletter. 

2| Accenture Analytics 

Accenture Analytics offers machine learning (ML) development support. Its track record includes more than 250 projects. Accenture analytics manages more than 1800 data scientists. Its data-led transformation services rely on cloud computing for market intelligence services. 

This market research company covers banking, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), public associations, chemical plants, and tourism industries. Accenture Analytics also assists enterprises in augmenting customer analytics solutions for e-commerce companies

Stakeholders gain insights into industry trends through Accenture Analytics’ podcasts or the “Voices of Change” collection. These content categories comprise thought leadership articles and related videos. The top 10 market research and analytics companies, like SG Analytics or Accenture Analytics, release extensive case studies and industry prediction resources. 

3| Algonomy 

Algonomy delivers data analytics solutions and market intelligence services. It is a market research company prioritizing customer experience enhancements. Algonomy uses Amazon Web Services to help the retail industry encompassing food centers, fashion designers, and restaurants. 

This firm began rebranding as “Algonomy” after Manthan Analytics acquired RichRelevance. Manthan was developing cloud-based analytics solutions. Meanwhile, RichRelevance processed data to optimize customer journey maps. Today, Algonomy, the new entity, serves merchandise producers and hospitality companies. 

Managers can consult this analytics provider for self-regulated market intelligence services. Algonomy also integrated unique data governance and authorization protocols. It gives you options like advanced data exploration. 

Maya’s conversational user interface leverages large language models and artificial intelligence (AI). Besides, Maya supports multiple virtual assistants on all device variants in smart home ecosystems and modern office premises. It leverages the latest application programming interfaces (APIs) to operate. 

4| Fractal Analytics 

Fractal Analytics offers Fortune 500 enterprises AI and market intelligence services, making it one of the top 10 research and analytics companies. Its core offerings implement decision intelligence (DI) techniques. Also, Fractal has an autonomous revenue enhancement solution known as 

Its helps healthcare corporations in radiology analytics. Its AI-powered quantitative investing solution is Theremin. Fractal’s improves financial performance models for risk evaluation, problem detection, and insightful exploration. 

Clients use, offered by Fractal Analytics, to supplement customer interactions using smart home gadgets that support interactive conversational AI chatbots. Academic and working professionals refer to Analytics Vidya for skill development, but Fractal is the enabling brand working on its maintenance. 

5| Latent View 

Latent View maintains a significant presence among top market research companies with its data analytics team. This consultant delivers big data analytics tools and predictive social listening solutions. 

It offers market intelligence services, IT infrastructure engineering, and collaborative applications. Additionally, its clients work in the consumer-packaged goods industry. Some of its consumers come from the technology and BFSI sectors. Latent View also provides over 30 interconnected service packages and three main products. 

Casper is Latent View’s conversational AI optimized for business administration specialists. Likewise, MatchView allows organizations to perform scenario analysis and idea inspection. SmartInsights streamlines production innovation, engineering tasks, and strategies. 

Latent View empowers establishments that require fraud detection analysis, propensity modules, and credit score modeling. It employs more than 600 professionals. It builds “centers of excellence” that educate young and experienced professionals on the novel trends across many disciplines vital to business management. 

6| Tiger Analytics 

Tiger Analytics helps corporations realize their objectives through efficient operations and planning. It has optimized its data modeling methods to deliver enterprise-level market intelligence services. Tiger analytics also extracts and validates customer behavior insights and risk management ideas. 

It manages over 500 employees. Tiger Analytics serves more than 75 Fortune 1000 clients. Besides, its client base includes the likes of PayPal, Intel, Whirlpool, and LinkedIn. This firm belongs to the top 10 data analytics and market research companies. Tiger Analytics supports corporations seeking customer retention and engagement improvements powered by holistic intelligence. 

Businesses in finance, transportation, CPG, and life sciences benefit from performance tracking systems at Tiger Analytics. This company also offers iterative insight discovery for market research and segmentation. 

7| AbsoluteData 

AbsoluteData has developed the NAVIK AI platform. It includes data analytics services and modular add-ons serving distinct business goals. Moreover, it has earned a remarkable position in the global IT innovation landscape for two decades. 

Simultaneously, AbsoluteData supervises more than 300 data engineers or scientists. They support 20 Global 500 enterprises in retail, telecom, travel, and FMCG industries. 

AbsoluteData maintains NAVIK MicroMods. These compact machine learning (ML) modules offer a “plug n’ play” mobility. Related APIs vary across business functions. Therefore, we have listed a few of them below. 

  1. Behavioral API allows predictive analytics for sales and market intelligence services. 
  1. Likewise, AbsoluteData’s Marketing API focuses on customer experience innovation. 
  1. Its Sales API handles revenue analysis and growth forecasting. 
  1. Finally, Integration API in the NAVIK MicroMods migrates databases between different platforms without harming data integrity. 

AbsoluteData also maintains several centers of excellence. These facilities deliver e-learning opportunities to foster thought leadership. Its knowledge resource providers are available worldwide. Similarly, AbsoluteData often publishes webinars, success stories, and podcasts to discuss the essential inventions that assist a market research company. 

8| Cartesian Consulting 

Cartesian Consulting has served businesses wanting to reimagine operations and supply chains. Many brands leverage its SOLUS solutions. Moreover, NASSCOM InnoTrel 2021 listed SOLUS AI in the section showcasing DeppTech startups. 

Its clients range from Samsung to Titan. Cartesian Consulting employs over 150 professionals. They guide almost fifty brands covering ten countries. This firm also delivers market intelligence services for quick-service restaurants, retail businesses, and financial corporations. 

9| UST Global 

UST Global is one of the top 10 market research and analytics companies. It helps organizations in healthcare services, manufacturing, consumer-packaged goods, and media. Besides, UST Global offers advanced strategy implementation and digital transformation solutions. 

Its services further subdivide into flexible modules for talent acquisition and automated marketing reports. UST Global develops five applications: CyberProof, HealthProof, PACE, SmartOps, and IQ. These solutions solve issues that a multinational market research company would face. It simplifies strategy development using AI and ML. 

10| Mu Sigma 

Mu Sigma Analytics embraces business administration policies inspired by decision sciences. It has assisted over 140 Fortune 500 retail, airline, telecom, and hospitality firms. 

Clients can consult Mu Sigma for pricing strategies, distribution analytics, and market intelligence services. It also promotes an apprenticeship system to nurture young data analytics professionals to thrive in today’s “volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous” world. 


You have learned about the top 10 market research and data analytics companies that will lead business modernization in this century. After all, firms like SG Analytics, Accenture, Mu Sigma, and Fractal continue to witness a rising demand for reliable marketing intelligence and industry research services. 

These service providers have optimized how some of the world’s most prominent enterprises operate. For example, retail, manufacturing, finance, telecom, FMCG, and transportation businesses benefit from consulting the professionals at these firms. 

A leader in market intelligence services, SG Analytics, empowers global organizations to analyze consumer behaviors, conduct sentiment attribution, and deliver personalized experiences. Contact us today if you seek high-quality market research solutions powered by extensive automation and cloud.