Top 7 Best Tactical Paintball Vests For Protection


For safety … or tactical enhancement on the sector?

First off, headshots don’t remember in paintball, and your torso becomes a top goal. Paintball vests can help shield your chest from the sting of paintballs. And tactical vests assist carry tactical guns at the fly.

Whichever one you make a decision to apply, it’s no longer a win or lose state of affairs as long as it serves its motive – both protection or for storing pods, mags, handguns at arm’s attain.

Whatever the case, this complete paintball vest assessment would cowl your choice. Soon, you’ll find a paintball vest that fits your fashion and budget.

Top 7 Best Paintball Vests Reviewed

1. Maddog Tactical Paintball Attack Vest – Overall Best

Key Features

Lightweight cloth

Ventilated aspects with buckle

Four integrated pod holders

Two ejector pod pouches at the back of

Two chest pouches

One tank holder on the returned


The Maddog Paintball Tactical Vest is one of the first-class tactical paintball vests you could discover.

No, it’s no longer famous for its capacity to cushion paintball shots. But rather as a tactical, light-weight, and low-cost vest.

The vest is manufactured from difficult nylon fabric that won’t rip without problems inside the woods. But it’s without padding of any sort. However, speed and luxury are guaranteed perks whilst you wear this vest.

This Maddog Attack vest has a clean and tidy look that units it aside from the cheapies.

Well, it isn’t the maximum customizable with pockets, however it really works flawlessly. It has four pod pouches and two greater on the lower back for easy retrieval. If you’re out playing for fun, you received’t have any regrets or need an improve.

Also, there’s a pouch for a unmarried HPA tank on the tail of the vest. Speaking of which, another wonderful factor approximately this vest is how it holds pods and tanks firmly – better than a belt or harness might.

The side buckle device is multifunctional. Not most effective does it modify the vest on your length, however it additionally makes it breathable on hot summer season days.

The simplest element is, this vest isn’t constructed to withstand hardcore paintball – multiple crawls on difficult terrain will make it appearance beat up.


Adjustable buckle aspects deliver a custom fit


Dapper layout and emblem on the front pouches

Two ejector pod pouches for uninterrupted play


No padding or cushion

Not long lasting for hard terrains


Overall, it’s a good buy for a top-fine tactical paintball vest. But you would possibly want it had a few padding.

2. GZ Xinxing S-4xl Paintball Vest – Best Tactical Vest For Storage

Key Features

Mesh inner

Mesh water bladder pouch

Shotgun shell holder

Max waist limit sixty one inches Max Length: 22.Five inches

Rear molle webbing

Seven storage pouches


If you are into the armed forces, you’ll love the GZ Xinxing. It’s splendid-certain. And prepared with each possible attachment port or adjustment, you’ll need.

The tactical vest has a mesh inner lining to beautify breathability and velocity. There’s no form of cushioning, however it can do justice to a paintball pellet with a thud.

The tactical gear pouches themselves are manufactured from sturdy polyester. So, they can face up to crawling and going for walks round inside the woods. Typically, it’s perfect for magfed paintball or Woodsball Paintball.

With the GZ Xinxing, you could cross completely-geared up into the area for war. The front pouch has a pistol holster, magazine and rifle pouch, a shotgun shell holder, and utility pouches. The back can maintain a water bladder in its pouch, and as many pods, you’d want with a molle machine

Although I don’t like the concept of having my paintball pods bouncing at my behind – it receives me paranoid on the field.

Regarding size, it doesn’t lack within the healthy department, not like maximum vests that claim to be one size suits maximum. It could match both tall, short, skinny, and vast-chested players. It can be adjusted to fit the desired shoulder and waist length.

All in all, the GZ Xinxing tactical vest is a noteworthy paintball vest for its charge.


Detailed specifications

A area for every tactical tools

Lightweight and breathable

Inner compartment for ID and documents

True one-length-suits-maximum


Paintball pods best suit in the again

Not a tidy appearance

3. Modern Warrior Junior Tactical Vest – Best Paintball Vest For Youth

Key Features

Youth length

Adjustable torso/waist

Four pod pouches and numerous mini wallet


In a sport of hands, we are able to fast forget kids. But you could’t depend out young adults at the paintball arena.

That said, most mainstream paintball tactical vests are by and large designed to fit adults. Little Jerry might be tall enough, but the vest could suit like an overblown bag of potato chips.

But Modern Warrior‘s Paintball Chest Protector saves the day. It’s designed to fit each adolescents and teenagers with its adjustable aspect straps. If it holds up, which it’ll, you may grow into it. I simplest experience the velcro straps received’t stick for lengthy, however there’ve been no proceedings.

There are many wallet to shop elements. Specifically, the 4 lengthy pouches in front can keep paintball pods successfully.

Again, this vest could match all ages. It’s endorsed for youngsters, even adults weighing between 50-a hundred and twenty pounds. It’s instead a kids length than a 13+ vest.

But keep in mind that it’s not the first-rate nice cloth. But virtually an upgrade from cheap, flashy ones offered at shops. Its light-weight is also critical for kids.

Be that as it can, it’s effortlessly the exceptional youngsters paintball vest, given its price, simplicity, adjustability, and storage option.




Many storage alternatives for pods and associated add-ons

Adjusts to suit most ages effectively

Authentic cloth for children


No padding

Somewhat flimsy cloth


Arguably the handiest worthy tactical vest kids can wear for paintball or airsoft.

4. Gen X Global Paintball Vest – Best Affordable Tactical Vest

Key Features

Thin cloth with mesh lining

Four pod pouches

Two chest pouches

Holds as much as 68c tanks


The Gen X tactical vest offers all you’d want at an entry price. Sort of the form of equipment you’d use to weigh to your alternatives with steeply-priced vests whilst you’re prepared.

For one, its light-weight material is effective however no longer the form of great extreme players might be happy with. But it’ll get a newbie thru monthly weekend games. And, pretty frankly, it looks simply as “cool” as better-priced vests.

Pocket troubles? Not at all. The pockets are well-stiched and without difficulty fastened to guide special pods. There’s additionally a tank holder on the decrease back that may preserve up to a 68c tank.

The label says it’s one size suits all, perhaps for normal-sized adults. It’s not a first-rate fit for guys over 6ft tall.  


Light vest


Functional for beginners to check waters or for casual use


Zipper feels flimsy

Not the great match for tall men


If you aren’t seeking to splurge simply yet on a paintball vest,  the GX2 should resolve your quandary. It gets you familiar with the sweets of excessive-stop vests for much less.

5. Tippmann Padded Chest Pro – Best Protective Padded Paintball Vest

Key Features

Youth to XL

Lightweight front and back cushion

Elastic shoulder straps

Velcro waist closure


Not anyone can stand the ache of paintball pellets. And it doesn’t imply you’re vulnerable. Or can’t discover ways to play the game.

With the Tippmann Chest Pro, you can reduce the pain of pellets to nil and still realize when you’ve been hit. Don’t forget to put on coveralls as a first layer or a thick cloth under.

It has a supposed widespread length that fits youngsters and adults alike. But only if you’re pint-sized or well beneath 6ft. Then, you won’t regret seeking protection with this vest because it’s adjustable to match.

However, the “elastic” shoulder isn’t all that stretchy. At least, no longer sufficient for it to definitely be counted. Because it’s simple and low-cost, you’ll see many arenas the usage of it.


Comfortable material


A affordable option for business use

Can regulate to healthy children

High-fine belt


Small suit. Not for tall men


If you plan to buy in bulk or don’t like the ache of paintballs for your torso, Tippmann Chest Pro is what you need. It’s inexpensive yet purposeful.

6. Chief Tac Tactical Airsoft Vest – Cheap Molle Tactical Vest

Chief Tac Military Tactical Molle Vest Mesh Light Army Airsoft Paintball Utility Vest, Breathable Lightweight Hunting Fishing Vest for Men Women

Key Features

Chest: 40 to 52 inches

Zip with  buckle layer guards

Fully customizable


If molle webbing is your factor, then right here’s the appropriate and most low-cost way to try it out.

The most effective thing is, you’ll have to buy outside pouches to mount on Chief Tac airsoft vest webbing. Speaking of which, you could upload attachments anywhere on the the front aspect of this vest.

Also, it has a rear molle webbing system that may aid a hydration or tank pouch. But on the grounds that placed on the lower lower back, it might be challenging to find a water bladder with a hose long enough to attain your mouth.

The Chief Tac vest is as light as they arrive. So, you don’t must worry approximately warmth when you put on it over a thick first layer. Plus, it folds into  easily for easy packaging, it’d most effective soak up little space in a gear bag.

All in all, you maximum probable won’t face material problems like breathability or chafing – it feels like wearing paper till you load it up with pouches. The identical can’t be stated for most molle vests. 


Super lightweight


Fully customizable molle attachments

Easy to %


Not durable for difficult terrain


A less expensive opportunity for players who select tactical vests with molle webbing. It’s completely-customizable, breathable, and easy to percent.

7. Action Union Tactical Molle Paintball Vest – Deluxe Tactical Vest

Action Union Tactical Vest for Men Adults Adjustable Airsoft Paintball Vest Combat Vest Tactical Molle Vest CS Shooting Wargame Outdoor Training (Black)

Key Features

Molle webbing helps strap and stick attachments

Waistline limit: 45.3inches Bust Limit: 51 inches

Length: 22.8 inches

Weighs three.3 kilos


This is the real deal of paintball vests. But don’t permit the seems mislead you. It’s now not bulletproof. Nonetheless, it gives a few safety, enough for it to be tagged a shockproof vest. The “mystery” is its sponge fabric and EVA foam build.

If whatever, this vest is first rate-practical. For one, it’s routinely used as a style declaration through players who like to stand out from the group.

But the Action Union vest is also designed to suit both small or burly players. Just check to look if you meet the size restrict, and you’d be correct. The side buckle and shoulder strap will do justice.

Also, it has terrific creation. The sewing is well-locked. The zipper is heavy-duty with  velcro layer guards. And the straps are everlasting – the kind utilized in seatbelts.

The molle attachment can match each stick and strap add-ons. That leaves you with the selection of the usage of garage pouches best whilst you want to – and handiest as many as you want in your loadout length.

No questions. It’s an expensive Paintballs vest at its price – many great alternatives cost handiest 1/2 its rate. But it has an unequalled construct exceptional. And to pinnacle it off, it’s also stylish.


Good bang for the buck

Quality creation

Bold and fashionable

Offers a few shape of safety

Supports stick and strap molle attachments


Relatively pricey

No tank holder                                                                                                 

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