A Blockchain Enthusiast’s guide: 8 Blogs You Need To Check Out

Blockchain Enthusiast

The popularity of cryptocurrencies — commonly referred to as simply “crypto” — soared in the past decade. With many early adopters making an immense fortune, more and more people are becoming interested in investing in it. Become a Blockchain Enthusiast today with these blogs

Crypto isn’t going away anytime soon, and the predicted growth for blockchain may climb to $67.4 Billion by 2026. As the interest in blockchain grows, more content creators, bloggers, and educators like Bitcoin SV are amping up their services to introduce the technology to the growing audience. 

Blockchain is complex, and it can be challenging to find reliable sources that keep you updated on its constant changes. But this article provides eight blogs you should check out if you want to be part of the growing community

Blockchain Enthusiast

8 Blogs for Blockchain Enthusiasts

  1. Blockchain Council 

Blockchain Council is ideal for you if you like learning through webinars and training sessions. It was formed by a team of blockchain experts who aimed to make this technology’s knowledge accessible to a casual audience. 

  1. Binance 

Every blockchain expert was a beginner once, and Binance Blog is one of the best newbie-friendly resources on the web. It’s best for those who intend to introduce and familiarize themselves with blockchain technology without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. They also provide blockchain and crypto tutorials by other blockchain enthusiasts to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of its complexities. This includes in-depth research on different topics under the sun, like NFTs, Proof of Stake, DEXs, and much more. 

  1. BitMEX Research 

What sets BitMEX Research apart is that it offers quality information derived from hours of extensive research. Although it’s much less beginner-friendly, BitMEX Research provides vital insights about current events that affect the crypto economy. Their blog is ideal if you’re familiar with how blockchain operates and wish to learn more about its real-world performance. 

  1. Blockchain Unleashed 

The blogs on Blockchain Unleashed are written by a team of respected academics and engineers and sponsored by the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). 

Expect technical content and other comprehensive information about the latest news from the blockchain industry. 

  1. Cointelegraph 

Crypto ratings, new developments, and regulatory information are some of Cointelegraph‘s most popular content. If you want a reliable source of crypto information and blockchain news, you can educate yourself with this blog, established in 2013. 

  1. Bitcoin Tech Weekly 

Beginners may not find Bitcoin Tech Weekly most appealing because it caters to a more experienced and knowledgeable audience. They provide weekly newsletters to guide investors in exploring their best options and making well-informed decisions. 

  1. Bicolumnist

If you’re looking for an engaging blockchain blog, you may consider Bitcolumnist. Like the other blogs, they provide guides, polls, and reviews about the latest blockchain industry developments. They also actively seek feedback from their audience with their upvote and downvote system, allowing you to share your voice on what topics you want them to cover. 

  1. BlockchainHub 

BlockchainHub provides more than just blog posts. They make beginner-friendly resources like infographics, podcasts, and additional reading materials easily accessible to enthusiasts from different backgrounds. It’s why many in the blockchain community call them the “Blockchain Handbook.”

Enrich Your Blockchain Knowledge Now. 

Blockchain technology is constantly changing while the industry continues to grow. Whether you’re just getting into the industry or you’ve been an enthusiast for years, it helps to stay updated on the latest blockchain developments. 

Deepening your knowledge of blockchain doesn’t stop at simply consuming content. You can join competitions like hackathons or attend conferences to meet blockchain experts to help you become more well-connected in the community. We hope this list helped you get some awesome references in your journey to become a blockchain enthusiast.