Top Questions (and Answers) Regarding eCommerce SEO Agencies


Thinking about hiring an eCommerce SEO agency? You’re not alone. Tons of other eCommerce merchants must also be, because the “people also ask” section of the organic search results for that term is abundant with questions about eCommerce search engine optimization.

Questions like these, for which we have the answers.

What Does an eCommerce SEO Agency Do?
An eCommerce SEO agency optimizes a website on behalf of an eCommerce merchant. They are often specialized in making technical adjustments to common eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento, and WordPress (through WooCommerce). They’re commonly Shopify and BigCommerce SEO experts.

They optimize an eCommerce website by adjusting multiple factors called ranking signals that Google uses to assign authority, including: 

● Site speeds

● Security 

● Site structure

● Internal link structure 

● Page titles

● Metadata

● Product and category page content

● Removing toxic backlinks 

● And drafting new content in the form of blogs and guests posts 

They also often engage in a link-building strategy for their client’s websites in order to increase domain authority and referral traffic. 

What Online Stores and Industries Can Use an eCommerce SEO Agency? 
Any industry can make use of the help of an eCommerce SEO agency to optimize their website and attract more organic traffic. 

However, competitors in certain industries face restrictions on paid advertising, making organic channels their only viable option for growing traffic. 

Some of these include: 
● Gambling products

● Cannabis products

● Tobacco and alcohol 

● Certain medical products

● Erotic products

● Bladed tools 

● Firearms 

● Weapons 

● Fireworks 

For players in these industries, SEO is vital, and the core pillar of digital marketing.

Do eCommerce Sites Need SEO?
Rather than just saying “yes, eCommerce sites need SEO,” (which would still be true) let’s go over a few facts and figures that paint that picture for us.

● Over half (53%) of all web traffic comes from organic searches. 

● More than 75% of B2B traffic is organic. 

● 68% of all online experiences start with a search engine. 

● SEO drives more than ten times as much traffic as social media. 

● Over 90% of all pages on the internet get no traffic. 

● SEO leads have a nearly 15% close rate. 

● Upwards of 90% of people skip over paid ads.

● Many industries cannot use paid search advertising anyway (see above).

We could go on, but these facts and figures speak for themselves. You decide if SEO is necessary or not.

One more thing, by the way: the majority of digital marketing experts agree that SEO is the single most profitable digital marketing channel. 
So again, you decide.

What Are the Benefits of eCommerce SEO?
There are innumerable benefits of working with an eCommerce SEO agency to improve your website’s SEO score and bring in more organic traffic. 

These are probably the most important: 
● More impressions, greater brand awareness.

● Long-term increases in organic traffic.

● Higher conversion rates, sales, and revenue. 

● A better on-page experience and higher times on page. 

● More referral traffic. 

● Diminished reliance on paid leads. 

● Diminished overall marketing costs over time.

● Greater brand credibility and superior positioning. 

● Improved targeting.

● Support for your other organic marketing strategies (like social media and content marketing).

So, ultimately, saying SEO boils down to more organic traffic does not quite paint the entire picture – but it is a big component of it.

Hire an eCommerce SEO Agency with Experience 
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