Tree Trimming Basics For Property Owners


Trees are attractive and lively assets to your property. Trees help in regulating the temperature around your home, give great looks, provide more oxygen to your ambience and help give your bit to the environment. Trees need a regular maintenance from time to time. This is highly needed during some specific seasons to ward off the seasonal effects on them. Here are the tree trimming basics every property owner must know.

Why do your trees need trimming
Tree pruning is necessary to keep them healthy and in good shape. It is also required to trigger new growth, increase blossoming and fruiting, prevent diseases, and enable better airflow. This is also necessary to ensure the safety of your property, pets and people. There are some clear cut steps to trimming a tree which make tree trimming serve the intended purpose. Here is what you must know about tree trimming.

Tools and processes you will need for tree trimming
The right type of tools you must have for trimming trees include pole saw attachment clubbed with a trimmer, loppers, safety glasses and hand pruners. Remember that improper pruning will lead to pests or diseases in plants. Therefore, it is important to understand how to go about tree trimming in the right way.

When the branches are removed in the right way, there will be callus in the wounds, which will form a thick circle around the cut. The right callus formation is necessary to prevent any attack of pests, diseases, and rotting due to the water pooling in the wound.

Best tree pruning tips for DIY missions
Locate the branch collar before you cut the tree. Once you decide on the limb to cut, first identify the branch collar. This is the area from which the branch comes out of the tree. While it is easy to locate it in some type of trees, it can be difficult in some others.

Make the cut on the outside of the branch collar. Ensure not to damage the branch collar.

Cut in the downward angle from the tree to ensure that the water will not settle in the wound.

So not trim the branches growing straight upwards. This will encourage water settling in the wound leading to the rotting of the tree eventually.

While trimming a tree, trim the suckers growing at the base, remove all the dead, weak and dying branches from the tree, and prune the overlapping branches that are seen rubbing together.

Tree trimming is not everyone’s job. Though it might appear easy, there are several downsides to attempting this project yourself. This is especially true when you have to handle grown up trees. When trees adjacent to your property are to be trimmed, there are chances that their branches will fall on your building and damage it. Tree trimming requires training, the right type of tools and safety measures to go about. Therefore, it is best to leave tree trimming to professional tree trimming Leawood KS companies who have the means to accomplish this project to perfection at a nominal spending from your side.

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