Every person has events that radically change his life. One of these events, of course, is a wedding, indisputable, the most important attribute of which are wedding rings, which are also called engagement rings. There are no trifles and unnecessary details in this holiday.

Traditions that have developed over the centuries, a clear idea of ​​​​how the celebration should look like, and an inexhaustible desire to make this day unforgettable, make the newlyweds carefully approach the choice of such attributes of their future married life.

As little girls, future brides imagine the whiteness of lace and the brilliance of crystal, and men, having decided to take such a step, usually treat it very responsibly.

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and fidelity in marriage. Since ancient times, they have served as a sign of the unity of two loving hearts. Why is this particular subject so firmly established in its rights as evidence of feelings?

Firstly, the circle, which has no beginning and end, symbolizes endless love, and secondly, the precious metal is associated with the strength of relationships.

The tradition of exchanging them goes back to the times when newlyweds, as a token of love and devotion, gave each other symbolic wedding rings woven from cane. Gradually, these decorations were modified and acquired new meanings, and already in ancient Rome, there was a custom according to which the groom, as a sign of assuming obligations for his future wife, during the engagement, gave a metal wedding ring to the bride’s parents. However, not many people could afford to buy wedding rings then.

sapphire Engagement rings with diamonds have become fashionable and do not go out of it to this day. It is hard to imagine a more popular piece of jewelry among people who are engaged. A lot has changed since then, and now there are a great many options for wedding rings.

Their appearance has undergone a number of changes over the centuries. If initially, such rings were extremely simple, nowadays more and more young couples choose for the wedding ritual, in which there are both precious stones and combinations of metals.

As a rule, they are made of gold, although other precious metals are also gaining popularity nowadays. Since the choice of these products is a serious and responsible step, this process must be made as convenient as possible for the future family. In today’s reality,

For each couple, the choice of a wedding ring is a serious and responsible step. Realizing the importance of such a choice, the master of the US Gems jewelry factory carefully approaches the development of new models and the introduction of innovative technologies into production.

The century-old history of the enterprise and the inheritance of centuries-old traditions of jewelry art are invested in each engagement ring created at the gemsny in NewYork and are the key to the longevity of a family union.

Constantly expanding the range of manufactured products, the company managed to achieve the highest quality of their manufacture and master new artistic directions in the development of sketches of exquisite jewelry, which will rightfully become a symbol of sincere love and fidelity of two lovers.