What are some foods you should avoid eating after having your nose pierced?


As a result, the popularity of nose-piercings has increased over the past 10 year. After the piercing has been completed, they need to be taken care of. Before and after the nose piercing, it is important to be aware of your diet.
For many, the piercing and sacrament of the nose is a way to mark their passage. It’s not only a major physical change but also an emotional one. People often eat after having their piercings done. This is to make it more comfortable. You may not be aware of what foods could cause problems with your new piercing. This article will explain what foods you should avoid after a nose piercing.

What foods to avoid after nose piercing?

Many people who have nose-piercings inquire about the best foods to avoid. However, it is important to consult your professional body piercer about which foods should be avoided after any nose piercing. The nose and mouth are interconnected.
They can be connected to nerves and may cause a condition called “locked jaw syndrome.” You should avoid spicy foods after your nose is pierced.

1. Foods that is large

You should avoid certain foods if your nose is pierced. Larger foods can lead to injury. This is because the piercing may cause your flesh to be exposed, which can weaken the cartilage. This connects your nose to the septum. Your nostrils are also stretched when your nose is pierced. The cartilage used for a nose piercing is often thin, and can become too thin or tear. This will cause the piercing to become infected.

2. Crunchy food items

What should you avoid after a nose puncture? Even the smallest objects can cause discomfort for some people. Avoid crunchy foods such as nuts and peanuts. These foods can cause irritation of the nose and discomfort. If your nose is still painful, avoid it.

3. Hot and spicy dishes

Many health issues can be caused by spicy foods, including a dry throat, irritable bowel syndrome, and stomach problems. It is best to avoid spicy foods, such as salsa, tabasco, or jalapeno. Heat can cause irritation to your mucous membrane and cause bleeding. For more information, see “Spicy foods to avoid” for answers.

4. Warm steamy beverage

You’re likely to be in the mood for comforting and warm food after your recent nose-piercing. Hot tea, hot chocolate and hot coffee sound all cozy. You should be aware of the foods that can make your piercings swell before you get a drink. Hot foods can make it difficult to pierce the new area.
The nose can swell if it is exposed to hot liquids. The steam could cause your piercing to reopen. What should you drink or eat? Iced tea or cold beverages like iced tea can be helpful in relieving the pain and speeding up healing. To ease the pain of perforation, you can consume lots of ice or pack the ice in a cup. Make sure your hot drink isn’t steamy.

5. Acidic and Sour Foods

The healing time following a piercing of the nose is shorter than that after real procedures like surgery. This is due to the fact that the skin around the piercing has been less damaged. However, it is crucial to keep your nose clean. Avoid eating foods that may delay healing or lead to infection. You should avoid eating acidic or sour foods such as tomatoes and plums that have been processed with high amounts of sodium.

6. Sugary foods

Sugary foods can make it difficult to heal. It is important to be cautious when eating if you are trying to heal a perforation. Consuming sugary foods could cause the piercing to get more severe. Before you get your piercing, it is important to avoid sweet or starchy foods. These foods can slow down the healing process by reducing the time needed for tissues to recover.
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What to do after your nose is pierced

1. Avoid the use of antiseptics

You have a number of options to protect your nose from infection. Antiseptics and harsh cleaners are something you should avoid. They can cause tissue damage and lead to the wound closing. You can clean them with mild soap and warm water. You should avoid other things. Avoid blowing your nasal hair and performing other breathing exercises. Take care when you are showering. Avoid hot showers. Do not shower for longer than a week after puncture.

2. You should not play with your piercings.

It’s important to care for your pierced ear. You will be proud of your personal style. It is vital to understand that the piercing can be damaged by your play or other activities that could cause infection. Your piercing should not be used for play.

3. Avoid swimming

Some people feel the need to swim in the sea or in the pool after their noses have been punctured. You should avoid swimming for at least six weeks after your nose has been pierced.

4. Avoid sport!

After your nose is punctured, it’s not recommended that you play any sports for the first several months. This is because the area where your nose was pierced could become infected. The risk of infection is also present with piercings to the nose. It is recommended to avoid activities for the first two months following a piercing in order to prevent any complications.

5. Don’t change your piercing!

Many people wish to remove their nasal piercings when the healing process is over. After the healing process is completed, it is important to not remove your nose-piercing. In a matter of days, the piercing will start to hurt. You may be tempted to try healing it so that it stops hurting. This could be a serious mistake. It is vital to leave the nose piercing in place to allow it to heal completely. It is possible for your nose to become damaged if you remove it too quickly.


After having your nose pierced we’re sure you’ll be hungry. It’s normal. But you need to be careful. These foods can cause inflammation and infection. It is best to avoid these food items at least 24 hours before and after your tattoo. This will allow you to heal quickly and help you take care of yourself. You will also be able prevent potential problems from the new tattoo.
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