What Are The Common Causes of Hydraulic Machine Failure?

Hydraulic Rod Cutters

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The hydraulic machines perform a lot of tasks in a work station. Some of the common hydraulic machines in a workplace include hydraulic bar cutter, hydraulic upset shearing machine, etc. The machines can perform their tasks in less time while also giving you efficient performance. In that case, you must take care of these machines at your end. Let’s read the article to know more about the common causes of hydraulic machine failure and how you can prevent them.

Air and Water Contamination

One of the most important causes of hydraulic upset shearing machine failure is air and water contamination. Some signs of air and water contamination include system breach and temperature issues. The air contamination can be in two different types such as aeration and cavitation. The aeration and cavitation cause the hydraulic system to wear down with others surrounding problems.

Temperature Issues

Another major problem of heavy duty hydraulic rod cutter failure is temperature issues. For temperature issues, the machine can run too hot or too cold while operating. The temperature issues can cause the following symptoms for the machine:

* Fluid Thinning: Too much heat makes the hydraulic liquid thin and prevents lubrication and fluid can also get more likely to leak.

* Fluid Oxidation: Sometimes, due to excessive heat the hydraulic fluid can get oxidized and thicken. This thickened hydraulic acid causes buildup and restricts flow.

* Fluid thickening: Sometimes, due to low temperature, the viscosity of hydraulic oil gets increased that makes the oil harder to reach.

Human Error

One of the most common causes for heavy duty hydraulic rod cutter failure is human error. The human errors include faulty installation, incompatible parts and improper maintenance and usage. All these errors are generally caused by the humans that may lead to hydraulic machine failure. For these reasons, the hydraulic pump van not builds pressure accurately.

Fluid Level

Sometimes an inappropriate filtration system in hydraulic sucker rod cutter may cause air contamination. Fluid contamination refers to low level of fluid and incorrect type of fluid used in the machine. You should make it sure that you use only compatible oil with specific application.

How You Can Prevent Hydraulic System Failure

Generally, hydraulic cutters failure can cause costly damage to the equipment that leads to loss of production and injuries in the workplace. In this section, you will know the common causes of hydraulic machine failure and how you can prevent that.

Overloading is one of the most common issues that makes your machine use too much of its power and makes the system overheat and cause damage to the components. In that case, you should make sure that you use the correct power and torque specification.

Dirt and debris can also make the machine fail. In that case, you should make sure that there is no dirt and debris accumulation in the machinery that clog up the filter and piston. In that case, clear dirt and debris from the machine and replace the worn parts when needed.


Machine failure at the workplace causes hours of work lost that leads to several financial losses. All the above mentioned are the causes of hydraulic machine failure and tips to prevent them. Hopefully, you have got all the answers related to hydraulic system failure causes and steps to prevent them. You can know about it in detail by contacting your nearest pneumatic steel strapping tool manufacturer.