What Degree Do You Need to be a Minister?


This degree is one of the best if you want to be a minister. It prepares you to join theological ministries to become a fully-fledged minister. In addition, the degree gives you the confidence and knowledge you require to guide the congregation toward the right path. You may also join the graduate schools of religion to further your education. 

Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries 

This degree has versatile career paths for the ministry. This is because it has three areas of concentration: church, culture, youth, and family. Hence, you can become a lead pastor, youth pastor, or minister to families. In addition, it equips you with biblical theoretical and practical skills making you an all-round minister. Some key concepts you learn include leadership in ministry and education, counseling, worldview studies, communication, and understanding people of different ages.


 The requirements for these degrees vary in different christian online colleges. Most will only require a high school equivalent. However, others require you to pass the bible and ministry department exam with a minimum score of 75. Some of the courses you’ll cover include: 

  • BIBL 2201-Old Testament Theology
  • BIBL 2202-New Testament Theology 
  • THEO 2401- Christian Doctrine 
  • THEO 3421- Contemporary Theologies.
  • BIBL 3305-Biblical Interpretation.

Where to Study This Degree

The college you study at influences your performance and understanding of the core subject. Therefore, choosing an institution that offers unique mentoring is crucial to ensure you make the most out of it. 

Also, they should promote interactions between students and faculty. This allows you to learn more in and outside the classroom. In addition, the college should be committed to exploring the connection between faith and learning. Moreover, ensure the institution challenges the students and helps them unravel the spiritual and practical implications of the subject. 

What You Achieve With This Degree 

Upon graduation, you can explore different paths in the ministry. For instance, you become a senior pastor, associate pastor, or chaplain. However, ordination depends on other denominations and church requirements. Therefore, it’s essential to check with your denomination to ensure you meet the criteria. Some churches may require joining the seminary or a master’s degree before you’re ordained as a minister. 

Becoming a minister is easy with the right degree. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in bible and theology or Christian ministries. In addition, you must meet your denomination’s requirements.