Which metal is not suitable for die casting?


The liquid metal is poured into the open half (movable), the movable part presses against the other half, and then the molten metal flows out between the two. It’s very similar to a blow-molding process except that the molten metal gets injected through the dies instead of blowing it out with air. When the metal is in a liquid state, it becomes super-cooled.

Because of this, it solidifies rapidly. Aluminum alloy is a lightweight material that is highly reactive. It also needs special care. We must protect aluminum from oxidation, heating, and any contact zinc die casting with water. Aluminum oxide is a very weak film that can peel off. Heat can cause it to crack and cause the oxide to flake off. Exposure to water can cause corrosion. If you add water to it, the aluminum can react with it and turn black.

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