Wie teuer ist ein Gutachter für ein Auto?


To make sure that your car is safe, you need to get it inspected by a garage as soon as you bring it home. You should get it inspected by a garage that has good ratings on independent websites. There are many companies that offer these inspections.

The price depends on the type of vehicle that you are having inspected. Usually, they charge between €100 and €150 for a basic car inspection. For an engine check, you will need to pay about €20 to €25. A complete check of the brakes can cost up to €180.

This is going to vary a bit based on what you need done. Some garages will charge less than others. The best way to know what is going to be the cost of a repair is to look at the website of a garage in kfz gutachter your area that offers car inspections. If a garage does not have good reviews on third-party sites, you should be cautious. They might not have enough experience doing the inspections. You can get a car inspected in a short time. To get it inspected, you should go to the garage with your vehicle. You will need to bring your keys. They will have the keys that are required to get your vehicle started.