Allure The Clients to Your Stationery Brand with Pen Boxes Wholesale


Pens are very useable stationery brands. These are used in offices, schools, colleges, and homes. The rise in product demands has created a massive contest among companies. Brands are in a race to compete with one another and dominate the market. How can you outstand your brand’s products while all brands design the same type of pens with similar designs?  You can work on the product’s presentation, like how you will present it in front of the audience. You can enhance the value of your expensive pens by preserving them in custom pen boxes. They are composed of quality materials (like kraft, cardboard, and rigid) and keep your pens unharmed and safe.

Upgrade the Status of Your Brand with Elegant Pen Box Packaging:

You must know that a product’s packaging plays a pivotal part in the company’s success. You can ensure the success of your brand with elegant and eye-catchy box packaging. You must wonder how to create an aesthetically pleasing and attractive pen box. It is not as complicated as it seems. First of all, you have to finalize the box’s design. For design guidance, you can visit our website,, and see through the design library.  Furthermore, you can decide on an exclusive box’s style and embellish it with prints, laminations, finishings, etc., for designing a promotional pen box; you can print the company’s logo and the product’s information.

What are the Famous Box Styles for Pen Box Packaging?

A distinctively designed box’s style can play a significant role in making your brand’s products distinguishable. You can stylize your printed pen box in the following styles to give befitting and classy packaging to the pens.

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Tuck front box
  4. Pen box with die-cut
  5. Pen boxes with foam inserts
  6. Reverse tuck end box
  7. Straight tuck end box

Reverse and straight tuck end boxes are common for single-pen packaging. You can put in or draw out the pens without any hassle.  Moreover, tuck front and sleeve boxes are prepared to place many pens.

Material Selection for Premium Quality Pen Packaging:

Pens are delicate and expensive products. They might get damaged during their movement or storage. That’s why ensuring their safety and keeping them unharmed is essential. You can make pen packaging durable while selecting a quality stock. There is a lot of material option in the market that can confuse you while making a decision. We recommend adding kraft, cardboard, and rigid to your material list. The main reason for choosing them is their climate-friendly nature.  They are easy to recycle and dissolve as well. Secondly, they are durable and resistant to external harm like moisture, heat, contamination, etc.

Selection of Rigid Boxes for Luxurious Gift Pen Packaging:

Are you thinking of gifting a pen to congratulate your closest ones on their success? Do you want to amaze them with your gift presentation? Yes! Then please end your quest for perfect gift packaging here, as we have an amazing solution. You must choose beautiful rigid pen gift boxes to create a memorable moment for your giftee.  You can customize the rigid package with plenty of personalized solutions. First of all, you can choose the box’s styles. If you intend to use a two-piece for single-pen packaging, you can place a foam holder in the box. Using colorful foam holders will keep the pens firm and give a wonderful unboxing experience. You can print the color of the box whatever you want.  Additionally, you can imprint the outside of the pen box with the recipient’s name or engrave some congratulatory remarks inside the box. In the end, you can give a concluding look to gift packaging with ribbons and bows.

Magnify the Pen Box Packaging with Add-Ons and Coatings:

There is a wide range of options that can help to create fancy pen box packaging. Adding coatings and enhancements adds strength and sophistication to the box’s packaging.  You can add a protective layer and make colors unfadeable with incredible laminations.   You can print a particular part of the box with gloss and matt laminations for a shiny and soft texture. Laminations are tear resistant and endurable to scratches and scuffs etc.   Apart from it, there are embossing, debossing, and hot foil stamping. The application of embossing and debossing makes colors more transparent and vibrant. On the other hand, you can foil-stamp the logo image or any particular design to uprise the patterns.

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