6 Cool Things You’ll Find at Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s Gift Store


Trips to the museum are memorable in many ways. They contain all sorts of fascinating and intriguing pieces of art and history, each with its own story to tell. The problem is that because everything in the museum is merely for display, you can’t exactly take any of the pieces on display home with you as a souvenir token. But that’s where art museum gift stores are essential.

Of the many museums and galleries you could visit across the U.S., the MFA Boston’s art museum gift store holds some pretty fun and fascinating items that are sure to tickle an artist’s fancy. Known for showcasing exhibits centered around ancient artistry and modern masterpieces, their collection of nearly 500,000 works aims to inspire conversations and help bring humanity together through new ways of thinking, seeing, and understanding.

That said, there are some very fun and interesting pieces that every art and history lover might find intriguing in the MFA Boston’s art museum gift store, including:

1. Mugs & Drinking Bottles
Drinkware is usually a common item in most gift stores. However what makes the drinkware in this museum is that it references Pantone’s color matching system. What is the Pantone color system? It’s a language of color that’s used by designers and producers to identify, communicate, and control colors. What Pantone allows people to do is to help identify precise and specific colors amidst the various hues and tones recognized.

Having mugs and drinking bottles in these specific Pantone colors creates for a fun reference to artists that work with colors a lot.

2. Vinyl Stickers
Going hand-in-hand with drinking bottles are the vinyl stickers available in the art museum gift shop. With stickers reflecting iconic artworks such as The Scream, The Great Wave, Composition II, Starry Night, The Birth of Venus, and more, these stickers are the perfect accessory to slap onto those Pantone drinking bottles.

3. Art Socks & Art Scarves
It takes a bold and creative kind of person to wear some fun and funky socks. Featuring the works of Van Gogh, Vermeer, Kandinsky, and more, these art socks and scarves are sure to capture the attention of many of your artist friends. Excellent conversation starters, art socks and scarves like these are a perfect way to show off your personality and interests without having to speak up openly about them. The accessories are statements in and of themselves.

4. Art Journals
Most young people these days often use their phones to take notes. However, according to research, there are still a lot of benefits to putting your ideas and notes down on actual paper. For one thing, taking notes by hand increases your understanding and comprehension. This is because compared to typing away whatever your professor says on a keyboard, taking notes by hand allows you to process that information more and organize it in such a way that you would personally understand.

For that reason, these art journals with covers inspired by Klimt, Hiroshige, Van Gogh, and others, offer the perfect venue for jotting down notes.

5. Cool Coasters
If you’re looking for something fun and artistic to pair with your mug or drinking bottle, these coaster sets in the art museum gift shop are a perfect match.

6. Scented Candles
Scented candles in sunflower and water lily containers! Monet and Van Gogh fans looking to relax and treat themselves to a little aromatherapy are sure to love these scented candles with art attached to some of the most world-renowned and inspiring artists.

Gifts for Any Occasion at the MFA Boston Art Museum Gift Shop
One of the most interesting things about the MFA Boston’s art museum gift shop is its variety. Stocked with more than just these six types of gifts available in their shop, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston truly embodies their dedication to exploring differences and diverse perspectives. Their gift shop contains a variety of different souvenirs that reflect various cultures and artists. If you’re interested in browsing through and purchasing some of their items for sale, simply visit their website and online store to check out what’s available.

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