Guide to Replacing Tire Rims


Unlike your car’s engine, which has a check engine light, it can be difficult to know when it’s time to get new rims for your tires. Not everyone pays attention to this seemingly small detail but rims are actually incredibly important to maintain. Whether you want flashy Rockstar Rims or a subtle, traditional alternative, here’s how to know when it’s time for an upgrade!

Why are rims important for car tires?

Sometimes you forget rims are there but they actually play an important role in the overall performance of your vehicle’s tires. . Rims hold the tires in place and improve handling. Their main function is to provide leverage, reduce friction, and even increase your car’s gas mileage. Rims also provide extra cushioning and noise reduction.

It’s important that rims be in good condition so your tires fit properly and don’t leak. Modern cars rely on rims to keep them in place. A cracked rim could introduce new problems. So it’s very important to maintain tire rims. Here’s how to know when you need a new set of rims.

Signs that your rims need an upgrade

One of the most common signs of a wonky rim is when your tire isn’t holding air for long durations of time. If you can’t find a leak yet the tire continues to lose air after you fill it, it could be that your rims are worn or not properly sealed and fitted to the tire.

Another sign of worn rims is when your steering wheel feels shaky. That extra vibration while driving can mean that your tires are not being held in place properly. You should also check that it’s not a suspension issue. If it’s not, rims are most likely the culprit.

How do rims get damaged?

Rims can get damaged from extra wear and tear on your vehicle. If you’re hitting potholes, curbs, and other objects, your rims can definitely get damaged while protecting your tires. Road salts and rust can also eat away at rims over time. Unfortunately, due to natural aging, all rims will eventually need replacement. Luckily, brands like Rockstar Rims last quite a bit longer than usual rims since they are made with stronger alloys and are designed with the off-road lifestyle in mind!

When to replace your rims

Any time you’re experiencing issues with your tires due to the condition of your rims, you should immediately replace them. ASAP! If the rim is not allowing your tire to hold air or you’re experiencing some alignment issues, definitely get some new rims. If the rim is cracked, worn, or damaged, that’s another time to toss them. If you’re still unsure, definitely contact a mechanic or car expert at Custom Wheel Outlet.

How to pick new rims

The safest choice is always going to be something similar to what you already have, like a manufacturer’s rim — or the aftermarket equivalent. But where’s the fun in that? You should consider your car’s aesthetic appeal and your consumer lifestyle as well. Rims can automatically make your car look unique and stand out, even with just a tiny pop of color or a fun shape. The right rims will also change how your car handles. Most importantly,  make sure the new rims are in great shape, high quality, and very durable. Check out Custom Wheel Outlet to see an abundance of unique and high quality rims.

If you aren’t sure how to change the rims yourself, you can head to a local mechanic to have them done. This ensures that they will be put on just right to keep your wheels protected, aligned properly, and ready to take on any road ahead of you. Note, always ask your mechanic to “dry-fit” your wheels before mounting them. This will ensure that your wheels are the right size and fit before mounting, because in most cases, once mounted the wheels can not be returned to the store or manufacturer.

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