7 Useful Apps to Help You Manage Streaming Services In One Place

7 Useful Apps to Help You Manage Streaming Services In One Place

Streaming platforms are very rapidly gaining popularity. These platforms stream content like movies, serials, games, talk shows, etc online. The emergence of a number of streaming services is bringing entertainment to our fingertips. Viewerships of these platforms are increasing.

But the arrival of many streaming platforms leads us to a new problem- finding good shows and movies. Many among us aimlessly jump from one to another platform in search of good content. It is a very tedious task to find something worth watching.

What if it was possible to control all the streaming platforms from one place? This indicates that you can do a cross-platform search across all the streaming platforms individually from one place. You can keep an eye on what’s trending and the most discussed releases across all these platforms.

Thankfully, this is possible. A number of apps or platforms are there that allow you to conduct cross-platform searches. They are basically called streaming services guides. They will save you precious time and help you find good content across different streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, 9anime app, etc.

Here we will talk about seven such service providers

Just Watch:

It is a famous streaming guide app. Here, users can get access to all streaming services. One can enjoy his favorite content from any streaming site from this one place. ‘Just Watch’ also provides recommendations based on your watch history.


This platform offers content from over 150 streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. It is available both on iOS and Android. On Reelgood you can search, browse, and watch content freely. It also allows users to turn on notification alerts for new releases.


Freecast is an aggregator of all streaming sites. It provides you the chance to watch thousands of content from your subscribed streaming platforms. Here, users can conduct a single combined search for all streaming services.

Streaming DVR:

This app is also available both on iOS and Android. From here, users can record, download and watch popular streaming content from almost all streaming sites. Here, you will get recording and downloading features. If you are subscribed to more than one channel, you can watch them from this single app.


PlayPilot is another popular app that enables you to browse content from over 20+ streaming services without hassle. Here, you can follow your friends and see their watchlists. The app provides movies’ IMDb ratings, genre, production year, etc.


Besides giving streaming platforms guidance, Qewd involves social media so that you can connect and grow your friends’ network. Like the above-mentioned apps, it also reduces your hassle to use different streaming platforms. From Qewd, you can log into your favorite streaming platform. Qewd also offers watchlists and bookmarking facilities.


Roku also works as a platform to access different streaming sites. In fact, you don’t need to sign up to use the app. You can just use it without creating an account. It offers multiple genres of content such as comedy, action, history, etc.


You can try any of them if you are an avid fan of streaming content. These apps get updated in days and weeks in a year. You don’t need to visit or install multiple streaming platforms to watch good content. These apps just simplify the process for you.